Saturday, January 7, 2017


Much of the nation is "snowed in" - free from school, out of work, and hunkering down inside to stay warm away from the elements of cold wind, ice, and snow. 

As long as there is power, we can watch TV, chat on the internet, call friends, play games, and cook large pots of soup and comfort foods. 

But when you get tired of the "idiot box", as my Grandpa called it, lose the internet and phone lines, and get bored with the games - what then?

In a bit of shameless self- promotion, might I suggest you do what I always like to do? Grab a book, a blanket, and your favorite hot beverage and snacks, and curl up for a long read... 

If you enjoy wholesome romance, adventure, suspense, and/or stories with multiple twists and characters, please try one of mine. They are available in a variety of digital formats and many are also in print and audio. 

You can find my works by typing "Rebecca J Vickery" into the search bar at any of your favorite online book retailers or please visit one of the following links:

As always, thank you so much for your continued support, 
purchases, and reviews. Stay safe, happy, and healthy...


Monday, December 5, 2016

HaPpY Holidays to ALL!!!

Since our son has grown up and his family now have their own Christmas traditions, my husband has often asked me why I want to bother with a Christmas tree and all the trimmings. 

Truthfully, this is usually said just after he collapses in his chair (huffing and puffing) from bringing in the tree, boxes of decorations, and tangled strings of lights out of the storage building in the backyard. 

Not to give the wrong idea, he's definitely not a Scrooge. Once he gets his breath back, he always helps with the decorating, but often does refuse to untangle light strands or replace burnt out bulbs. 

Oh, did I forget to mention, we usually have a grand or two to help with that? And this always entails explaining the homemade ornaments, a trip through Christmases past, talk of gifts desired, and who is cooking what dish for our Christmas Eve repast. Usually there is some popcorn and hot chocolate included and the dogs running through glittery strands of static-filled icicles with sticky bows on their heads.

This is the closest answer I can give as to why the Christmas Tree is so important to me (and hopefully to my family):

An Evergreen Tree symbolizes everlasting life. The triangular shape of the tree is also believed to stand for the holy trinity; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The Star represents God's fulfillment of the promise He made ages ago, through all the prophets. It also represents the shining hope of mankind that first shone in Bethlehem, leading the wise men to baby Jesus.

Lighting and/or candles stand for Jesus Christ who came as light and hope into a dark and doomed world. He came to bind up broken hearts and free those in bondage. 

Candy canes symbolize the shepherd's crook, which helps the shepherd gather lost and strayed sheep. The candy cane can also be turned upside down to stand for the letter 'J' in Jesus. The red and white coloring is for Christ's blood and purity.

Gifts beneath the Christmas tree remind us how we have received the greatest gift through the blood of Jesus Christ. They also remind us that charity brings love and we should always share with those around us. 

Wreaths represent unceasing love. 
They show how God's mercies are new every morning. 
True love has no beginning and no end, is selfless and courageous

RED and GREEN Colors - Red stands for fire of the spirit, while green stands for nature and one's life on earth. Red along with green is used to symbolize our Holy Spirit's union with nature to save the incarnate world.

Thanks to Buzzle: for much of this info.

All of us at the Vickery household wish 
 you and yours 
a safe, healthy, and very happy HOLIDAY season.
Becca, Robby, Patsy, Gretal, and Oscar
plus Taylor, Madison, and Cody (the grands)


Thursday, November 3, 2016

Rebecca's Latest Release

~ Short Paranormal Romance ~ 
 Available now for only 99 cents at most ebook retailers

Dani Adair travels to Seattle at the request of her best friend Abby to help unravel notes from an old journal. A friend of her brother's surprises her and an unexpected adventure begins.
Break-ins, being followed, and a bit of paranormal activity expose them all to danger. 
Is there a treasure, and will they find it?

Excerpt:  Chapter One

Seattle, Washington ~ October 2015
Dani woke instantly when a heavy weight settled across her. Giving a violent shove she tried to sit up, but strong hands held her down while vice-like thighs clamped down on each side of her own. Then a strong hand covered her mouth to keep her from screaming. She couldn't see a blasted thing in the darkened room. Dani pushed away the immediate feeling of utter terror and focused on her self-defense training.
Going totally limp, she pretended to faint and waited for her attacker to loosen his grip.
"That won't work with me," a male voice whispered. "I know all the tricks."
We'll see about that. Dani made raspy, gasping noises as if she couldn't breathe. The hand covering her mouth loosened ever so slightly. Dani chomped down on the thick part of his palm just below his thumb.
The man jerked free with a harshly whispered curse and loosened his grip for one second too long.
Dani hastily pulled up one leg and hit him between the thighs. Another muttered curse told her she scored, but not as hard as she would like or he would be rolling around unable to breathe. Still, she tried to take advantage of the momentary distraction. She stiffened her body and twisted to the right to throw him off.
"Be still! You're going to make me hurt you," he growled as he lost his balance and almost fell off the bed, sliding on the satiny bedspread. He wheezed as her now free arm elbowed him sharply in the ribs. She followed with a quick, sharp blow straight up to his chin with the heel of her palm, causing him to see stars.
To discover what happens next, visit: