Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Valentine's Day -- Featured Story

Looking for a different take on Valentine romance? 

Try this short, tragic, twisted story of Speculative Fiction...

Valentine's Day should be a time for cards, gifts, and attention from a special person. But for Rosalyn, February 14th brings only fear and anxiety. This would be her sixth year to spend the day in terror, perhaps fighting for her very life. Will she survive to live another year, or will vengeance win and decide her fate?

"Love Kills" excerpt:

She saw him for the first time.

Incredibly handsome, almost beautiful, he was tall and lean. Rosalyn thought he probably looked normal to everyone else. But he caught her immediate attention with his air of arrogance, his hunter's attitude, danger emanating from every pore. His neatly trimmed hair gleamed under the artificial lighting – a rich, mahogany brown with deep gold streaks strewn throughout and a hint of gray at the temples. With a firm upper lip and full sensuous lower one, his mouth reminded her of Elvis. His deep brown eyes were mature and knowledgeable when they met hers as he stepped into the empty space beside her. He towered over her. More than six-foot tall to her barely five-foot height.

Rosalyn felt overwhelmed. Goose bumps crawled up her arms. He held her gaze. Perspiration beaded her upper lip in spite of the early morning chill lingering in the office building. He gave her a half smile and she would swear he winked at her. Rosalyn quickly turned away, but felt forced to shift nearer to him when several passengers behind them attempted to exit at the next floor. Her elbow brushed his sleeve and tingles ran up her arm, a slight gasp escaped.

Friday, October 5, 2018

OCTOBER - here already???

Can you believe OCTOBER (and FALL) are already upon us?

The weather sure hasn't given it away - still in the upper 80s and 90s in Upstate SC with high humidity. But the golden rod and various leaves are dying, farmers are cutting hay and corn stalks, and critters are growing thicker coats while gathering food for winter. 

Guess they know it will be cold soon.


So to all my friends and followers, celebrate the harvest, lay in your winter stores, grab a warm blanket or two, find a furbaby to snuggle with, and don't forget the eerie Halloween stories to scare your socks off... 

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A Visit with Stacey Parker McConnell

Hi Everyone, 
I'm here this evening with a very special guest. Stacey Parker, now Mrs. Cord McConnell, the heroine from Surviving With Love, is taking a few minutes from her busy schedule to visit with us. Please grab your favorite drink and snack and sit with us as we catch up.
"Hello, Stacey. It's been a while since we got together." 
"Hi, Rebecca. Too long, but we've both been super busy. And I'm not sure about that heroine title you continue to stick on me."
"Heroine is definitely deserved. And we have both been too busy. But now that my publishing business is winding down, I hope to have more time for my friends. How is Cord, and the family, of course?"
"Cord is wonderful and as sexy as ever." (soft laughter) "We have two kids now, Little Mac and Carly - he's three and she just turned one. We built a cabin near my parents' lodge in Idaho and divide our time between there and our home near Cord's business headquarters just outside Dallas. My parents can't get enough of their grandchildren, which gives me a chance to catch my breath now and then."
"It sounds like your life has changed quite a bit since Surviving With Love. Do you miss being a tracker and wilderness guide with Search and Rescue?"
"Those were really exciting, highly tense days, and I do miss them. But I wouldn't trade what I have now for anything. Of course, I will never forget the time Cord and I spent together on the trail and how we came to fall in love with each other. Our experience just proves you shouldn't always judge someone on first impressions." 
"Let's talk about that, please. In the novel, it emphasizes how confrontational your first meeting was. That's a little hard to believe..."
"Oh, no - that's the absolute truth. Within a few minutes I wanted to kick him where it hurts and I'm sure he wanted to strangle me." (more soft laughter) "Cord couldn't imagine that a mere female could keep up with him on the trail, or even more, actually guide him anywhere. His attitude was so apparent, it infuriated me on the spot."
"But you did persuade him that you were needed on the job?"
"Once I showed him how hard it would be for him to follow the purposely hidden trail, he realized he did need my help to rescue the two kidnapped boys. But he's still not one to give in easily. Little Mac is just like his dad when he gets his mind set on something and I can see signs of it developing in Carly already, heaven help me."
"Sounds like you have your hands full there, Stacey. One scene I particularly remember from the novel was the one where Cord surprised you when he scooped you up and carried you across a stream. What affected you the most about that?"
"Hmm... Let me think back. I remember anger flew all over me and I gritted my teeth until they hurt, when I got my breath back. It offended me to be treated like I couldn't even cross a creek without help. He made me so mad I did actually hit him once he put me down - I just couldn't contain it. But once I cooled off a bit, I realized he'd done something my own father would have done for my mother...and my heart melted. I think that's when I began to see him as a real man and not an aggravating bossy jerk." 
"Well, maybe we shouldn't give away all the best scenes so our followers will want to read more about you and Cord and how things progressed."
"I agree, but hopefully we've whetted their curiosity. Maybe we should share the cover by our friend Laura Shinn and where readers can grab a copy."
"Sounds like a plan. Thank you so much for dropping by to visit with us. Maybe we can get Cord to join us next time. 
Followers, how about a comment of appreciation or a 'like' for Stacey?"

 ***This is the 2017 revised edition and is a bit shorter than the original version.***
Surviving With Love can be purchased at the following locations:

Be sure to check your favorite ebook retailer as it should be available there very soon...     

~ Contemporary Romantic Adventure Novel ~
Sparks fly when Stacey Parker meets Cord McConnell in the Bitterroot Wilderness of Eastern Idaho. From their first heated exchange, she doubts they will survive their assignment in the wilderness without killing each other.

Cord McConnell isn't prepared for the sight of the young woman with the wild mane of strawberry blond hair who claims to be a tracker. No way is he agreeing to follow this girl into the woods on such a dangerous assignment! But time is ticking away and two kidnapped boys will not survive if he fails. Committed to the job and without other options, Cord reluctantly agrees.

Days and nights on the trail take on new meaning as Cord and Stacey struggle against the wilderness and their growing physical attraction. Stacey, idealistic and innocent, is determined to save herself for marriage. Cord, emotionally and physically scarred, doesn't do first times or marriage.

When danger inserts itself into the tension between them, will they be able to save the boys?
At the end of the mission, can they go their separate ways?
Or will fate step in and force them to face another dangerous situation and their attraction once again?