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Hear ye! Hear ye! Calling all followers of the former Book Roast blog! Remember the fun you had while the staff at BR “roasted” your book? And how sad you were when BR closed its doors? Well, now you don’t have to lament its demise. In lieu of BR, and in the tradition of those hilarious Dean Martin’s Roasts (anyone remember him?), five creative –and slightly nutty—gals have come together and (under the influence of some highly toxic…ah, “inspiration” from Dean’s favorite beverage) have formed The Author Roast and Toast.

The Author Roast and Toast is a new blog dedicated to spotlighting you and help to promote your books, we encourage and frankly, demand, that you have fun doing so. Why do interviews have to be so…yawn…ho-hum? (Now, don’t get huffy. There’s a time and place for seriousness, yes, we know that.) But if you’re thrilled about your book and want to shout its merits to the world, well, we say—throw a party!

You must be a good sport, able to take in stride a LOT of ribbing AND mouthy enough to give it back! You, the author, will be ROASTED. That means you’ll be publicly tied to a spit, rotated for thorough “doneness”, and have your bare tootsies tickled with a feather!

Our first victim…oops, I mean guest is that fantastically pirate-talking gal, Danielle Thorne of The Privateer and Turtle Soup fame.
Opening day is August 28, 2009 at 9 am ET.
Our delectable cyberbutler, Oliver, is the brawn behind this new idea. And since this means he’s going to be kept quite busy, he’s given us a list of Roasting Rules. Everyone must read them and agree to them. You’ll find his ten DD’s posted here:

Posted at the request and encouragement of Miss Mae, the Pure Southern Genteel author.
"I write historical and contemporary romantic mysteries. I’m published with The Wild Rose Press, Class Act Books, and Whimsical Publications. You can find more about me at, or at my blog:"
She says: Come over and check out AR&T. The “recipe” is free and flowing!

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