Saturday, October 17, 2009

Back From Vacation!!!

Already on the romance bestseller's list at Smashwords!

Surviving With Love is back from vacation. Reformatted and re-edited, it is available once again and better than ever. A great introductory price, too. If you missed this romantic adventure the first time around, please be sure to check it out.
Available at: Smashwords , ScribD, and Amazon in multi-format ebook.
Available at WordClay in print. (Different cover but same bestselling adventure.)
Please visit Romance With A Twist (Titles Page) to find out more about the books I am currently working on.
Back of the Book: Romantic adventure with a twist...
Sparks fly when Stacey Parker meets ex-military hostage rescuer, Cord McConnell. She begins to wonder if they will survive this assignment in the wilderness without killing each other.
Cord McConnell felt someone step from the woods. He wasn’t prepared for the sight of a young female with a wild mane of strawberry blond curls who claimed to be his tracker. “I won’t wait on you if you fall behind and I don’t like whiners. I’m in charge and you do exactly as I say, regardless. Understand?”
Refusing to back down, she answered, “I won’t wait on you if you fall behind either, and whining is for dogs. You’re welcome to be in charge and I’ll follow orders when I agree with them,” She walked from the clearing without waiting to see what this macho jerk would do next.
And just when they think the mission is over, fate steps in...

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