Friday, October 2, 2009

It's Back - Looking Through The Mist

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Romantic mystery with a twist...
Psychic Jessica Wilder was a consultant for the FBI until she suffered burnout. The visions leave her alone for several months and she starts to make a peaceful life for herself. Then suddenly, they come back with a vengeance—visions of children being kidnapped. How could she not try to save the children?
Detective Jonathan Lansing doesn't believe in psychics, but the young woman in front of him is very convincing. Can she truly help him track down a kidnapper? Or is she involved in the crime?
Another child is taken right from under their noses. As they follow her turbulent visions through several states and into Canada, Jessie and Johnny begin to discover they want more than a working relationship. But will it distract them from finding the children in time?
Available in various ebook formats and print.
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  1. Hey Rebecca!! So glad to see Looking Through the Mist back. It is a great read!


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