Tuesday, November 17, 2009

About Miss Mae

We enjoyed Miss Mae's novel, When The Bough Breaks, so much that I asked her to share a bit about herself and what she is up to with us. Here is her most gracious response:

Hello to one and all, and thank you, Becca, for allowing me this opportunity to appear at your blog!

To those who may be unfamiliar with my work, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m known as Miss Mae, the Pure Southern Genteel author. I write romantic mysteries. The “G” in Genteel means my romance is strictly G-rated. Each scene is guaranteed to leave you blush-less (is that a word?), and the “southern” stands for…you guessed it! Miss Mae ain’t no Yankee.

My mysteries range from a Jack-the-Ripper whodunit set in Victorian London (“See No Evil, My Pretty Lady”), to a mixed-bag-of-tricks contemporary tale involving a heroine with unusual “talents” (“Said the Spider to the Fly), and a 1960’s story dealing with a hunky playboy and secrets surrounding a big house in a small town. (“When the Bough Breaks”). I’m happy to announce a publisher has offered a contract for a fast-paced, bizarre scavenger hunt story (“It’s Elementary, My Dear Winifred”). I won’t say too much about this one, except if anyone is a Sherlock Holmes fan, you’re sure to be entertained!

Also, I do some free-lancing from time to time. Some of my non-fiction articles have appeared in The Front Porch Magazine, Good Old Days, Writers Weekly, and others. Plus, I write for the ezine, American Chronicle. AC is a source I use for when I feel like writing about things in whatever way I want to say them in! For instance, I have free reign with my character I.B. Nosey. He’s a bit of a smart-aleck, an official unofficial reporter, who interviews celebrities like Mother Goose, Mister Ed, Little Red Riding Hood, and—gasp! Even Miss Mae!

“Mishaps of Gumdrop Island” is a mini-series. The famous explorer, Sir O. Yuri Wiseguy-eh, while sailing in his Good Ship Lollipop, happened upon a lost lass stranded at the tropical island of Noplace in Particular. He brought her to his home of Gumdrop Island. Here, she’s introduced to some unique personalities, shall we say.

Hmm, what else would folks like to know about Miss Mae? Well, I’m the moderator of The Sweetest Romance Authors. We’re a group of authors and readers committed to the clean/sweet romances. No one will find any bedroom scenes in our books, and you won’t be embarrassed to introduce us to Mama! Besides our Yahoo group, we invite readers/followers of our blog (http://thesweetestromanceauthors.blogspot.com). We have a permanent home in the Java Junction of Coffee Time Romance Forum.

(http://www.coffeetimeromance.com/board/forumdisplay.php?f=1096). Starting the second Thursday in January 2010, we’ll have a public chat here. We hope people from all across the net will come over and join us. If you’re a fan of sweet romance, you’re bound to find some delightful refreshing reads, and if you’re new to sweet romance, then you’re in for an eye-opening surprise! On the fourth Thursday of each month, we invite a special guest to our chat room (http://sweetestromancechat.blogspot.com/). We hold a scavenger hunt and the lucky winner becomes the proud owner of the #1 Sweetie award! Also, we encourage everyone to sign up for our Sweetest newsletter at thesweetestromance@gmail.com

Anyone is welcome to keep up with what’s going on in my sweet corner of the world by visiting my blog (http://missmaesite.blogspot.com) or my site (http://www.missmaesite.com). I’m also on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and various social networks. Please leave comments. I love to hear from readers!

*Miss Mae glances at her watch *…Thank you so much for having me, Rebecca, but I’m cooking up a batch of my grandpappy Beauregard’s special lemonade, so I do need to scram. It mustn’t scorch, you know. What’s that? Oh, no, no need to call a cab. There’s Yuri coasting in on Mother Goose now. We really must fly. Toodle-doo!


  1. Congrats on your new series project with DEAR WINIFRED. I am so looking forward to reading another edition of your Victorian Duo. I loved it!

  2. Thanks, Danielle. :) Here's hoping for the best! LOL

  3. Congratulations on your projects. Your stories do sound interesting. Love the titles.

  4. Thank you very much, Karen, and thanks for leaving a comment. :)

  5. Good luck, I wish you many sales.


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