Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Review - When The Bough Breaks

When The Bough Breaks
by: Miss Mae
Genre: Sweet Romance, Mystery, Fiction-Young Adult
Publisher: Whimsical Publications LLC/paperback
Length: 194 pages
Publication Date: Oct. 2009
Price: $11.95
ISBN-13: 978-1-936167-01-2
Buy Link: Whimsical Publications

Reviewed by: Rebecca J. Vickery
November 2009
Rating: (5 Twists)

Darlene Moore’s reason for shunning Parker Shane has nothing to do with his reputation of being a playboy. She even dates him before the death of her mother forces her to move away.

After a two-year absence from Dalesville, she returns home to find Parker exchanging wedding vows with her sister. Two months later, her sister dies.

Then Richard Ryan, head of Dalesville’s wealthy, prominent family, and Parker’s employer, goes missing. Could there be a connection to his disappearance and Parker’s unexpected promotion?

Danger and questions a plenty barrage Darlene with the deadly speed of a six-shooter. Who called down a representative from a Washington agency? Who later assaulted him? Who attacked Darlene at her friend’s apartment? And will Parker’s scandalous brand of playboy be changed to one of murderous culprit?

Or, in the moment of Darlene’s greatest need, might he become her rescuing knight?

Everyone who follows me knows that I enjoy my romance with a twist. There has to be something besides just a run-of-the-mill, boy-meets-girl, fall in love, happy ever after story. I was not disappointed by When The Bough Breaks.
Though a sweet romance is essential to the tale, it is far from the entire story. There were enough twists and surprises to keep me turning page after page to find out what would happen next. Miss Mae once again had me guessing, incorrectly I might add, as to where the story was headed. I’m afraid to say too much as I don’t want to include spoilers so I’m keeping my character descriptions and story details to a minimum.
But following the heroine, Darlene, as she grew from a teenager into a young woman while watching her fall for and lose Parker was entertaining, emotional, and irresistible. The timing and setting of the book brought back my own memories of living and dating in a small town. When Darlene returns to town a few years later, the intrigue and suspense held me in its grip. Nothing is as it seems and secrets abound in this book.
Sweet enough for a teenager, but sophisticated in its own way, I definitely recommend When The Bough Breaks for anyone who enjoys their “romance with a twist” and gave it the maximum rating at my site of 5 twists.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful review! :) So glad you liked it!

  2. Hi Rebecca! Congrats Miss Mae!! That's awesome!

  3. Great review Miss Mae, congrats. And Rebecca your site is awesome.

    Now to learn how to do this.

    Love and blessings

  4. I agree. This is a great story. In fact it is the last story I've read and am waiting on another novel by Ashley to read. Miss Mae's novels are hard to put down. The short chapters were a blessing as I often have to do mundane things and leave a good book. Larry


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