Sunday, January 24, 2010

Review - River of Tears

River of Tears
Author: Michele Montgomery
270 pages
Outskirts Press
Genre: Women's Fiction

Reviewed by Rebecca J. Vickery
4 out of 5 Twists (A Recommended Read - Above average story)

Ms. Montgomery uses strong emotions, descriptive passages, faith, and even man's ability to be cruel to man to grab and hold the reader's attention in this unusual tale of a man kidnapped by his own family and the love of his life who relentlessly searches for him. Many paragraphs brought tears to my eyes and others put a smile on my face. I was haunted by the despair of loss and then uplifted by the love of family depicted so believably as I turned the pages.
I normally am not caught up in books written in first person, but River of Tears by Michele Montgomery definitely held my attention from the beginning. Not your typical romance by any means, the book is a unique and emotional love story filled with tension and unexpected occurrences.
This was an above average story and I recommend it for anyone who wants something a bit different.

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Coming soon: An interview with Michele Montgomery. Watch for it! She's a very interesting lady.


  1. Thanks for the heads up on this. It sounds like a swell read.

  2. Rebecca-Good review! The plot is quite unique--very original. Good luck to the author.Celia

  3. Ooo, what an interesting plot. That sounds very good and makes me curious why his family kidnapped him. For greed, or for his own good to help him somehow? Great review, Becca! *g*

    Laura Shinn

  4. Sounds interesting. Kind of like some of the news stories that have come out lately, makes you want to read what actually happened to the people. Thanks for the great review, I'll have to add this my list....

  5. Hello Rebecca,

    Thank you for reading "River of Tears." I'm glad you enjoyed it. Writing that story had my emotions all over the board. I actually typed through tears and laughter that had my family wondering if I had finally taken the plunge....

  6. Hi Celia, This book was definitely different than the boy meets girl, boy marries girl with a HEA. Thanks for stopping in.

  7. Hi Laura,
    This was one story I couldn't put down because I had to know the answers to those questions myself.

  8. Hi Rita,
    It was an emotionally disturbing tale in places but the love of the woman for her husband shone throughout the book. It did sound like it could have come from a story right out of the newspaper.

  9. Hi Michele,
    I believe you about going through all those emotions. It's amazing how real our characters become to us as we are writing. I think part of our soul goes into every good story we write.

  10. Hi Rebecca!

    Fun review! You do such wonderful ones. :)

    I really liked the premise of this book. Definitely sounds intriguing. Thanks!

  11. I love this book - it touched me on so many level...

    Very pleased it worked for you...


  12. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for checking it out. It's easy to do good reviews when you have wonderful reads to start with.

  13. Hi EH,
    I loved your take on this book too and I so appreciate you introducing Michele and I. We are fast becoming "virtual" friends.


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