Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Short Story - Happy Bloody Valentine

Great News! Just had a short story contracted and it's being released near Valentine's Day in an anthology. I'm so excited as this is my first contracted short story. It's in a totally new genre for me, too.
This book will be available in print and hardcover from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and several other places. I'll provide the links as soon as I have them.

Love Kills

Featuring 20 pulse-pounding short stories, including Mark Souza's "Cupid's Maze," Love Kills: My Bloody Valentine celebrates the sinister side of romance. Forget flowers and candy—scare your lover into your arms this Valentine's Day.

Including the talented works of Mark Souza, Lily Harlem, Phyllis Humphrey, Michael R. Colangelo, Marianne Halbert, Jack Horne, D.B. Reddick, Jessica A. Weiss, Jeffrey C. Pettengill, Neil Coghlan, Adrian Ludens, Harper Hull, David Greske, J. Troy Seate, Rebecca J. Vickery, John Pennington, C. Douglas Birkhead, Matthew Dent, Ruth Barrett and Rich Sampson.

This macabre collection of Valentine's Day horror is a devil of a good time.


  1. Congratulations, Rebecca! And I like your new look.

  2. the guy that had his name misspelt 17 times: you misspelt his name too. Just thought it was amusing. I'm not him by the way. If I was, I think I'd be in tears by now.

  3. Hi Anne,
    Thanks for dropping by and checking it out.

    Hi SteveW,
    Poor thing. I hope I have it fixed now. Please let me know if you see any more problems. Guess I need a blog editor.

  4. Congrats, again, Rebecca. Instead of my hubby and I having a romantic dinner at the top of a mt. with a fantastic view, we'll stay inside and read your story about love that is truly 'til death. Obsess much? ;)

  5. Hi Rebecca,

    Congratulations on the hit. I managed to sneak in there right at the end too. I think my story landed with PHP at 10:50pm on the deadline day!

    Look forward to reading this one.


  6. CONGRATULATIONS, REBECCA!!! That's great! I'm looking for an anthology for one of my western short stories--boy they're hard to find! Love your blog, too!

  7. Love the new look Rebecca...

    Valentine Horror - whatever I hear of next...

    Thanks for the heads up on this one...


  8. REBECCA--Is everyone writing short stories? I want to, too. but--yikes--"a bloody good time?" Congratulations, though, on the acceptance. From what I hear, it's not easy. Celia

  9. Hi Evie, That sounds like a plan. Or watch a horror movie and jump in his arms at all the scary parts. LOL

    Hi Rich,
    Glad you made it into the anthology and took time to check out my blog.

    Hi Cheryl,
    Thanks for popping in. Sent you an addy for a western submission. Let me know what you think.

    Hi EH,
    That's what I said. Guess that puts a new spin on Cupid. LOL

    Hi Celia,
    I sort of fell into this one, but I'll take it. I know you can do it...seems to be a demand for shorts rather than full-length right now. Thanks so much for coming by.

  10. I've read this story that Rebecca wrote and it is not at all like anything you've read from her before. This one is really a page turner, partly because you can't believe it. Don't miss this book. Rebecca's story is worth the price of the book. It's such a deviation from her romances, you won't believe she wrote it!
    Love and blessings


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