Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chief Cook And Bottlewasher

Author: Rita Hestand
5 Twists
Length: 58,388 words
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She never imagined a big, busy cowboy like Deke Travers sitting in a rocking chair holding a baby, reading a story, and sounding as though he enjoyed every moment of it.

"What? You don't think I had a Mama?" He slanted the baby a weird expression. "Well I did. And she was almost as pretty as yours."

Emma's heart lurched again. What a strange and wonderful combination this man was. The kind of combination a woman could get her heart tangled up with. But, of course not hers. No, she wasn't here for a man. She wasn't looking for a husband.

This is my favorite snippet from Author Rita Hestand’s romantic western, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, from her Travers Brothers Series. To me this little excerpt tells the story of this read. A tough cowboy like Deke Travers, with a marshmallow center, and a woman named Emma who does everything she can not to fall in love with him are definitely my kind of read.

Ms. Hestand did an excellent job with making us feel Emma’s despair and desperation when she “bumped” into Deke and the emotions she felt throughout the story. Sammie Jo is a fun, heart-wrenching addition to the cast. Even the Travers Brothers' father became real to me and is an important part of the story. But Deke, the cowboy who melts over the child, Sammie Jo, captured my heart and made me fall in love with him.

Once again Ms. Hestand’s knowledge of Texas, ranching, and her understanding of family life and responsibilities comes shining through. Be sure to read this Travers Brothers Series. It doesn’t matter the order you read them as they are stand alone novels with interlinking characters and locations.

I gave this novel five twists and a definitely must read for plot, depth of emotion, characterizations, and just a darn good read. I am a definite fan of Rita's style.


  1. This is an adorable excerpt and cowboys are HOT!!! Great job!!! Looks like a must read to me!

  2. I am so honored that you enjoyed it and saw in it what I saw. this book began with a prayer to God. I was having writers block and so I sit down and asked him to help. Chief Cook and Bottle Washer was born.

    Love and blessings

  3. That's the coolest writing story I've ever heard!!! Thank you for sharing. :)

  4. That's what we need, tender but really buff men in this world. :D Fantastic review. Congrats, Rita, on the book.

  5. Great review! This sounds like a real winner. Congrats, Rita!

  6. Rita, never ceases to amaze me. Every blurb and excerpt I read gets better. This one is no exception.

    Rita, gal, you do write from the heart. It shows. Can't go wrong doin' that.


  7. Becca, what an outstanding review! I must agree. I've read one of Rita's stories and am in the process of reading another. She knows how to really draw the reader into the drama of the characters. I think she's great and her writing style in your review says it all. *g*

    Rita, great job! Keep writing these fantastic stories!!

  8. Ohhh- glad I popped over to take a peak. This sounds really cute! I agree - sounds like my type of hero and a reluctant heroine too.
    Good review Rebecca!

  9. Hi Paige, I LOVE cowboys. It's a close tie between them and military types for me as far as heroes. LOL

    Rita, I really enjoyed this story and can't wait to read Courting Abby. You're gonna' have to hurry on that 4th one in the series.

    Hi Eryn and thanks for popping in.

    Thanks EA. It's easy to write good reviews when you have good books to work from.

    Hi Anne, so glad you stopped by. Thanks for reading the review.

    Hi Laurie. Rita really puts a lot of her heart into every book I've read of hers so far. It's a wonder she has any left.

    Hi Laura, thanks for tearing yourself away from working on covers to check it out. And I love Rita's style too.

    Martha, I'm so glad you hopped on over here. Rita's books are definitely our type of read. LOL

  10. Hi again Rebecca,
    I've nominated your lovely blog for the Sunshine Award. To accept just visit my blog and follow the rules.


  11. BTW, Rebecca, I nominated your blog for the Sunshine Award. You truly do brighten a lot of people's days.

  12. Hi Anne and EA, Thanks for nominating me. My extra security won't let them pass. though. But I sincerely appreciate the gestures.

  13. One of my favourite authors work...

    Nicky's Baby was my first book by her and I have never looked back..



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