Sunday, February 7, 2010

The one and only peppy, Paige Ryter!

Welcome to the peppy, vivacious, always laughing,

Paige Ryter!!!

Paige's full-length contemporary novel,

Three Minutes Before Christmas can be found at:

(Though set at Christmas, the emotions apply year round.)

She is also offering her wonderful short story, The Difference of a Moment, free at:

RJV: First of all, I appreciate you taking the time to let me be nosy and ask questions. Please tell us the general location where you live and if you are married, dating, or what?

Paige *** Currently, I live in the Green Bay area of Wisconsin, with my husband, three teenagers, three ferrets, two border collies, and a lion head bunny with ATTITUDE. So, married…and happily married for about 19 years now.

RJV: Congratulations. What would you say is the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?

Paige *** Ah…the tub for two in our honeymoon suite in Colorado Springs—at a bed and breakfast. Little did I know, every time we filled the tub, the ENTIRE house heard it. We found that out the last day we were there…and completely embarrassed. But it was so relaxing, on the second floor, with plants surrounding the tub.

RJV: Uhhhmmm...that would be a great scene in a romance... LOL Moving on, I understand you have several siblings. What was it like to grow up in a crowd and did that inspire or hinder your writing?

Paige *** I have three sisters and a brother. I was number four of five in the crowd, and very shy, because my oldest sister was VERY loud. I think it inspired my writing, because I liked being alone, thinking up stories and situations in my head. I always wondered if someone could read my mind, because those stories would just take over my thoughts.

RJV: Please tell us how you manage to write now with three teenagers and several pets in the house. Do you stick to a schedule or wing it?

Paige *** Writing is my escape. When things get rough, I’m at the computer, living someone else’s life through my books. I have a schedule for the pets, but the kids know if they need Mom, she’s at her laptop and will drop a lot of what she’s doing to deal with their problems…and I do. Housework…ugh. Needless to say, I’m definitely not a housewife, but I do stay home all day long.

RJV: My writing is my escape valve, too. What style and genre do you prefer to write? Please tell us if you are an outliner, a planner, or a “pantser.”

Paige *** I’m more of a pantser than a plotter/planner. But for some of my stories, I think of scenes I want to include, like the ending scene or black moment, then fill in the rest of the scenes from there. I think of my books in scenes, like you’d see on television. I plot the best when I have my eyes closed, so I take ‘plotting naps’ where all I do is plot but don’t sleep (well, that’s the plan). It takes away all the rest of the stimuli around me and lets me just think of scenes…then I go to write and it all goes in different directions anyway. Typical pantser, huh?

RJV: Wonder why that sounds so familiar...LOL I read your short story, The Difference of a Moment. I really enjoyed it. Your book, Three Minutes Before Christmas, also has a Christmas theme. Is there a special reason for that?

Paige *** I wrote The Difference of a Moment for marketing for Three Minutes Before Christmas, and to practice writing short stories. I don’t write short stories, usually, which makes it more of a challenge. And Christmas is a magical time of year for romances, with the darkness contrasting with the snow and the Christmas lights.

RJV: Please tell us what we should look forward to from Paige Ryter in the future?

Paige *** I have written many stories under the pen name Paige Ryter (page writer…get it?), so I just have to figure out where I want to place them—who knows…someday I might even get to the New York Times bestseller list (I’m a real dreamer!).

RJV: It wouldn't surprise me to see your name on the NY Times Bestseller list at all. And last question – Where can we find your books, follow you, and keep up with all your news and views?

Paige *** Currently, I’m at and have a blog linked to that site. I’m not on twitter or Facebook yet, because I feel like I don’t quite get it. Someday, maybe, but for now, I’m just writing, writing, writing. It’s more fun to escape that way.

I hope everyone has a wonderful new year, by the way! I hope I do, too…and hope to have more books out in the near future!

RJV: Thank you so much, Paige, for being such a great guest.


  1. Thank YOU for having me here! This was a lot of fun, and best wishes to you, too, for all your books and blog!

  2. Thanks for introducing Paige Ryter to me. Paige is a new author to me. I have added "Three Minutes Before Christmas" to my list to get and read.

  3. Thank you so much, Becky!!! I hope you like was really fun to write. It takes place in my hometown of Lancaster, PA, which is just a fun place.

  4. Paige, your book sounds awesome. I know its not the Christmas season but sometimes we need to remember what its all about even when we aren't caught up in the moment. Thanks for that.


  5. Hi Paige and Rebecca! ((hugs!))

    Loved the interview! LOL On the bathtub! Only on a honeymoon could you get away with that! *wink wink*

    I didn't know you had some many siblings! Goodness, but it does sound like fun. I didn't have any sisters and would have loved one.

    I enjoyed getting to know you a little better, Paige! And you certainly are everything Rebecca billed you as! :)

    Love and Hugs, ladies!

  6. Hi All,
    Paige and I had a lot of fun doing the interview and we've discovered we have several things in common. We're both "pantsers," we both have allergies, and we both have a weird sense of humor at times.

    Hi Becky, so glad you enjoyed finding out about Paige and her work. I love showcasing fun authors who are new to my followers.

    Hi Nancy, Love it whenever you drop by. And I am like you in that I like to read about Christmas any time of year. At Christmas, I'm usually too rushed to enjoy much reading.

    Hi Sarah, Thanks for popping in. I would have asked more about that honeymoon tub, but thought some things are best left to the imagination. LOL (Sounded like a blast and a heck of a story, though.)

  7. Rebecca, you're so right about all of that. Christmas stories really are magical, any time of year. I'm so glad all of you posted, too...and thanks for all the good wishes!

    As for the tub...yep...imagine away, and consider my red face when I found out everyone in the house knew what we were doing. My husband is extremely shy, so he couldn't wait to get out of there. HA!

    Anyway, it's been fun! And Sarah...want a few sisters? I'll ship 'em off to you when they get whiney...HAHAHAHAH!!!


  8. Very nice post. I loved the interview.


  9. HI Janice,
    Thanks for stopping by. Love to see you here. Glad you liked the interview.

  10. Your lucky to have had siblings. I had none unfortunately. Gret interview. Good luck with your books.
    Love and blessings
    Rita Hestand

  11. Thank you, Janice and Rita, and everyone else who commented! I hope everyone has a terrific day today.

    Stay warm!!!

  12. Great interview! The bathtub story is so cute! And so glad that I'm not the only one not on twitter. I'm on FB but decided to wait on twitter. I can only handle so much.

    Like your pen name! And congrats on your Christmas novel - I'll have to check it out.

  13. Thank you, Diane!! I appreciate the support! :)


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