Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nightlife Anthology now Available

Nightlife Anthology

Author: Laura Shinn
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content: Highly Sensual- 17+
Length: 55,500 words approx.
On Sale now at:

A two-story anthology by the author of Night Hunter offers a different perspective on vampires. If you are tired of more traditional blood-sucker stories, then these highly sensual romances are for you.

A LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS: Mirianne is being pursued by a masterful killer who knows she can break the vampyre’s curse. For thousands of years Theo watched, protected and hungered for her. Will his secret destroy their love?

OUT OF THE NIGHT: Spring vowed to never hurt a fly, though she's a vampire. Jim is amazed by her purity, though his first concern is the rogue vampire who's after his baby girl.

To learn more about award winning author and cover artist, Laura Shinn, visit her at:


  1. That's a GORGEOUS cover!!! I bet this book is a hit, too! Congratulations!!!

  2. Hi Paige,
    I think Laura is getting better and better with the covers she makes. I told her we will have to watch out or lose her to the big publishers. LOL


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