Friday, April 2, 2010

Review of Jodi's Journey

A Must Read for Western Romance Fans!

Author: Rita Hestand
Genre: Fiction-Romance/Historical/Western
Publisher: Whimsical Publications

Length: 2
74 pages print, 89,683 words ebook
Content Rating: Sensual, Adult Themes
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Ebook - Smashwords, Amazon

The war was over. The town of Esser Crossing ebbed closer to a slow death while Jodi Parker and Hunter Johnson fought desperately with one last chance to save it, and themselves.

Two unlikely people came together against their own will and struggled to carve a new empire. Swollen rivers and Jayhawkers were the least of their troubles on a cattle drive to Kansas, when both carried secrets that could easily destroy them. He had to prove himself, she had to live with her own decisions.

A cruel destiny threw them together. Only a true and lasting love could save them

This is another great story from author, Rita Hestand.
I would have given this book more than 5 if allowed.

What happens when you put the coward of the town in charge of a cattle drive? Then hamper him with a reluctant pregnant woman and misfits no one else wants. Toss in the danger of Jayhawkers, stampedes, and raiding Indians and you have a story that won't quit.

Rita Hestand mixes all of these elements and conflicts into a historically factual, emotionally packed account of a cattle-drive. But she doesn't stop there. We get to know Jodi and Hunt personally and care deeply for them as well as for many of the hands on this journey with them. Personal fears and intense concerns are mingled among a sometimes tender, often tumultuous romance throughout the book.

One of the very best books Ms. Hestand has offered. A truly artistic creation that will touch everyone's heart.

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  1. This looks like a great read! Congratulations, Rita!

  2. This definitely sounds like another good read from Rita. Thanks for sharing the review and your thoughts about this book, Rebecca.

  3. HI Paige, Becky, and Janice,

    Happy Easter and thanks so much for dropping by.

  4. Thanks everyone, Rebecca is more than a sweet lady for putting this up on her blog. I can't tell her how much I appreciate it. I also want to thank you guys for dropping by. Rebecca is a very special person.

    Love and blessings ro all
    And Happy Easter
    Rita Hestand

  5. Wow, more than a 5 - I am not surprised. I definitely have this book on my list to read this summer.

    Congrats, Rita!

  6. I forgot to mention that I LOVE the cover for Jodi's Journey so much! It is absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Hi Diane,
    I loved the cover too. I thought it went well with the story. I think you will enjoy this one when you get to read it.

  8. Fantastic review. As I have said before, this novel has definite edge to it, and I believe readers from all over will find something to savor.


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