Friday, April 9, 2010

Review of Marrying Mallory

Title: Marrying Mallory

Author: Diane Craver

Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing

Genre: Inspirational Contemporary Romance

Content: Sweet

Length: Short Novel (48,000 words approx.)

ISBN: 978-1-936000-47-0

5 Twists

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Is Mallory Harrington jinxed because her name means luckless? Things have gone wrong for Mallory since she was a small child. All she ever wanted was to have a complete family and live happily ever after. It appears she has it all when she marries Toby Harrington and they have a son. Unfortunately, their marriage ends when Toby has an affair with his law partner. After their divorce, Mallory feels guilt that she couldn't forgive Toby for his affair. As a Christian, she should be able to forgive him for his sin.

Mallory decides to do something for herself, and get a surgical procedure that she's always wanted. What she doesn't expect is her instant attraction to her surgeon.

Sometimes faith is about accepting what can’t be changed and grabbing what God offers her. Life must go on.

Author Diane Craver dealt with several difficult topics in Marrying Mallory with flair, tact, and scripture while telling an interesting story of sweet romance.

The topic of divorce was particularly difficult for the heroine, Mallory, a true believer in the "till death do us part" vows she had taken when she married. Add to that her desire to have cosmetic surgery as well as falling for her plastic surgeon and Mallory is nose deep in problems. A five year-old son, two meddling best friends, and a new romance for her mother complicate her life even more. Ms. Craver reveals Mallory's doubts and confusion plus her never failing belief as she resolves these problems and attempts to move forward with her life.

Ms. Craver's style of writing impressed me with her believable dialogue, realistic characters, and ability to wrap up all the problems for her characters in a limited number of pages.
I look forward to reading more books by Diane Craver.

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  1. Rebecca,

    Thank you for this wonderful review of my inspirational romance, MARRYING MALLORY! I'm glad you enjoyed reading it.

    You have a great blog here - I liked reading your other book reviews!

  2. I really enjoyed the story and it is so appropriate to what so many women go through these days. Thanks for checking out the other reviews.

  3. Congrats on both the reviewer and the reviewee for the fine commentary. This is the kind of book that I know I would really enjoy.


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