Sunday, May 2, 2010

Coming this month - Includes "Dad's Favorite Holiday"

Available in May from Pill Hill Press

A Whodunit Halloween
Edited by Jessy Marie Roberts
ISBN-13: 978-0984261086

A spook-tastic collection of eleven mysteries that celebrate Halloween and the "whodunit" genre. Includes: Brain Food by Paul A. Freeman, Murder in the Corn Maze by Joan Bruce, The Canton House by Jessy Marie Roberts, Slightly Mummified by Diana Catt, A Bolt from the Blue by Craig Booker, Dad's Favorite Holiday by Rebecca J. Vickery, Resurrection Man by Tim Champlin, The Trick-or-Treat Killer by Mark Souza, The Murder of Charlie Dekker by Donna Dawson, Trapped Under Glass by Jessica A. Weiss & Cornfield Crucifixion by Gwen Mayo.

Excerpt of Dad's Favorite Holiday by Rebecca J. Vickery

Lights blazed from the grounds of the old mansion, cutting through the growing fog. Clouds obscured the moon and the heavy, still air felt like a storm might be brewing. How appropriate. Tree limbs shrouded with Spanish moss waved eerily in the breeze.

Her car followed several others up the hill onto the sweeping, circular drive. Orange crepe-paper bows and glowing pumpkins lined the walkway. A parking valet in an orange waist-coat, wearing a simple black mask, assisted her from the car then slid in to take care of the vehicle. Maribeth felt a shiver run up her spine at the luxury of it. She could easily become accustomed to this type of wealth. With a shrug she lifted the long skirt of her gown, followed the stone walk, and climbed the steps.

Music drifted through the double doors and she heard the sounds of people chatting and laughing from inside. She stopped long enough to put on her gold and cream Mardi-Gras style mask and adjust its band beneath her hair. Maribeth held out her invitation to be checked by the doorman then continued inside.

The foyer chandelier, hung with polished crystals, danced and swayed from the slight breeze created as the door opened and closed. Colored lights sparkled over the beautiful dresses, dark suits, and costumes of the guests as they moved about. Maribeth caught her breath at the lovely sight wishing she dared to relax and enjoy herself. She wanted to celebrate Halloween with her love—but that wasn’t to be—not tonight.

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  1. Great job, Rebecca!!! It looks like the great setup for a mystery!

    Thanks for sharing!


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