Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Winner - Creative Writers or Liars Blog Award!!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone,

Following are my statements and which one is true:
1. In my younger days, I hiked the entire Appalachian Trail.
LIE - I did hike on a portion of the Appalachian Trail but never made it the entire way as it passes through 4 states.
2. I once met my favorite author, Kay Hooper.
LIE - While Kay Hooper is my favorite author I still have the dream of someday meeting her.
3. I picked up the man I married at a small town flea market.
TRUTH - You ladies who picked this one were correct. I met my husband at the Piedmont Flea Market. He was selling collectible coins and various hunting goods. He was there every week on Saturday morning and we began talking. One thing led to another and two years later we married. Congrats on getting this right and I tell people he was the best thing I ever picked up at the flea market. LOL
4. I learned to swim at a very young age and have always loved the water.
LIE - Since my mother's brother drowned when she was a child, she was terrified of water and wouldn't let us near it. I learned to swim after marriage at the age of 25.
5. My horse named Rascal and I won several small trophies in show-jumping.
LIE - My horse named Rascal was a quarter horse and while great at reining and barrels, he was no good at jumping.
6. I never actually camped in the wilderness.
LIE - My husband and I camped regularly along the Chatooga River for trout fishing when we were first married.
7. My home-made salsa will turn a dull penny to a bright copper and bring tears to the eyes of a jalapeno lover.
LIE - Because the kids and my Mom love my salsa, I always make it sweet and it isn't strong enough to shine a penney. Hubby keeps jalapenos and habeneros on hand to add separately to his as he likes it hot-hot.

Now on the the winner -

Taylor refused to pick just one name out of her hat and chose all three. LOL
So all three ladies who provided correct answers will get a free download of either
Surviving With Love, Looking Through The Mist, Following Destiny, or Seeking Shelter.
Please email me at dixie92298(at)yahoo(dot) com
or post here what you would like, please.
If you have all my books, we'll work out something else.

The WINNERS ARE: Evie, Linda K, and Laura

Thanks so much to everyone who played and thanks for following me and dropping by.


  1. YAY! I just had this feeling... Long live romance! LOL @ telling people you picked up your husband at a flea market. ;)

    I will take a copy of, "Looking Through the Mist" if you please.

  2. Well, I just cannot pick out a lie. Or I did it backwards. Oh, well, they were very difficult. Congratulations to the winners!Celia

  3. You did a great job of tricking me Rebecca! Congratulations to the lucky winners.

  4. Hi Evie,
    I've emailed you and being a romantic paid off this time. LOL

    Hi Celia,
    Sorry if I confused you. I think you did do it backwards as you were supposed to find the one truth out of my seven sentences. But hope you had fun playing.

    Hi Martha,
    Guess that means I'm both a very creative writer and a good bald-faced liar! LOL Not sure that last is such a good thing to be, though. Thanks for playing.

  5. Wow, oh, WOW! I actually won something? Thank you so much. I want to read Surviving with Love. I just love that excerpt on you website. Thanks again.


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