Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Release - The Rescue - Get it Free!

New Speculative Fiction Short 
from Rebecca J. Vickery

If you enjoy "campy' space stories with a twist, THE RESCUE is for you. But don't expect a happy ending on this one.

     Ordered to fly low-level scans for trilidium on an uninhabited rock of a planetoid known only as X37, Teelak and Adria yearn for more exciting missions. Then they survive a crash landing only to learn the rock isn't as empty as they think. 
     Just what is out there? Will they be rescued? 
Available in ebook at: Smashwords, Amazon/Kindle, and Lulu
Free Offer:
To say a special thank you to my friends, readers, and followers, I am offering THE RESCUE free at Smashwords through June 30, 2010.
Get your free download in any ebook format at 

Coupon code: DY25C

Hope you enjoy this look at my writing in a different genre.
Rebecca J. Vickery Romance With A Twist 

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