Thursday, July 1, 2010

Huge July SALE Going on Now

We hope all of you have a safe and wonderful summer.

Vacations, picnics, biking, boating, fishing, relaxing around the grill, or lying by the pool in your backyard, it's a great time for an entertaining read. 

To provide great books for your leisure time, 
Smashwords and a multitude of authors are offering their books at huge markdowns.

The sale will continue from July 1 through July 31,
These codes are only good at and no other ebook retailers)

The following links will take you directly to our books included in the sale. 

Use code SWS50 during checkout to receive your 50% discount on the following books:
A Summer Collection (Five Author Anthology - Victory Tales Press)
Surviving With Love (by Rebecca J. Vickery)
Looking Through The Mist  (by Rebecca J. Vickery)
Following Destiny  (by Rebecca J. Vickery)
Seeking Shelter  (by Rebecca J. Vickery)
Jonquils in the Snow (by Laurean Brooks)
I Love God's Creatures  (by Rebecca J. Vickery)
Nightlife Anthology (by Laura Shinn)
A Christmas Vow (by Laura Shinn)
Someone to Watch Over Me (by Laura Shinn)
Night Hunter (by Laura Shinn)
A Matter of Trust (by Laura Shinn)

Use code SWS25 during checkout to receive 25% off on the following books:
Bloodmaiden: a fantasy anthology (by Christine Schulze)
Use Code SW100 during checkout to receive this short story free:
The Rescue (by Rebecca J. Vickery) 

Free sampling is always available at Smashwords before you buy.

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