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Eli: Warriors for the Light - Fallen Angels Series

This is the first in a series of stories about Fallen Angels. With facts taken from the Book of Enoch, Karen Michelle Nutt weaves a story of punishment, sacrifice, love, and redemption. A true page turner.

At a very young age the Rules of Conduct for the Fallen Angels were drummed into Eli Grigori’s head. He managed to break all of them. He falls in love with Ryden O'Sullivan, a human, his soul mate. Hashasheen demons, assassins for hire are sent to take out Eli and Ryden. With his wings bound and his magic gone, can Eli protect his love? Will any of it matter to the Watchers?

Meet the new breed of Shifters-- Fallen Angels!

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“Enough!” Chaz’s voice thundered and his eyes threatened a lightning strike if Eli didn’t hold his tongue.
Eli remained silent, but the elder wasn’t finished with his tongue-lashing.
“You think you know God’s plan better than all who stand in this court? You speak of our fathers being irresponsible, but what of you, Eli? We have rules for that very reason. It is forbidden to share our powers. It is forbidden to take a human for a mate. The child born from that union will have no soul and will suffer as we do. Two simple rules you seem to have forgotten. You can’t pick and chose what rules you’ll obey. That’s not how it works.”
Elder Lailah, who had remained silent, spoke up now. “Eli speaks of love, a true love, not just the taking of a mate as our forefathers did with the humans,” Her hair was the color of honey and her eyes were gold and warm as she looked upon Eli. “He speaks of love, dear husband or have you forgotten what that’s like?” Her lips twitched when she met his gaze. Chaz and Lailah were both half-angels that were born when Enoch roamed the earth. They had an arranged marriage, but love and respect sprung from the union and they had remained mated, which was a rarity among their kind.
Chaz harrumphed and threw up his hands. “What would you have me do? He’s disobeyed the rules.”
“He must give up the female or die,” Someone cried from the pews on the right.
Eli already knew who it was before Lucca pushed his way through the crowd, determined to be heard. Eli cursed under his breath. The sod would probably love to be the one who held the sword that ended his life.
“It is the Watchers’ rules.” Lucca faced the crowd as if he were on stage performing one of Shakespeare’s plays he so loved. For someone who despised humans, he kept a large collection of books, all human authors, playwrights like Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe, but he also had modern authors, too like James Patterson, Dean Koontz and Tim Powers. He looked toward the elders then. “Elder Chaziekal, you said it yourself. He can’t pick and choose which rules he’ll obey. Have we not learned from our fathers’ mistakes? Do we wish to have God’s wrath upon us for disobeying him?”
The guy really needed to come up with a new song and dance. Eli met Lucca’s cold stare. The blond, blue eyed Watcher held a special hatred toward him. The feeling was mutual as far as he was concerned. Lucca couldn’t understand the compassion he had toward the humans. Lucca seemed to forget that half his existence was forged with human blood, too.
Eli’s gaze shifted, wondering where Lucca’s lapdog had gone. Gideon seemed to think Lucca knew all and practically worshiped him. Gideon wasn’t the only one either. He noticed a few people in the crowd that sided with Lucca’s beliefs. Lucca tended to draw a crowd and they listened to his cockamamie garbage he spewed.
Eli turned back to face the elders. “If one of the brethren finds their true soul mate, they’ll not suffer damnation, but shall find eternal happiness. We all know the legend and I believe it’s true. I won’t give her up.”
“No?” Chaz turned on him. “You say no. You have no choice. You stay away from the human or we will strike her down, then we’ll deal with you.”
“There can be another way,” Elder Lailah said, using her power to calm the room. Warmth bathed Eli and his limbs relaxed. Even Chaz seemed calm as he looked at her and she continued. “On Ol’ Hallow’s Eve, the veil between worlds is thin and all beings may walk the same path, be them preternatural or human. Ole Hallow’s Eve is today. Eli has broken no rules this day.”
“You twist the rules to save him, dear wife, but what of tomorrow? What of next week?” Chaz lifted his hands. “What say you to that?”
Elder Lailah’s lips curved. Obviously, she had an answer. “He says the female loves him. Perhaps glamour did not play a part in the affair and the human was drawn to Eli’s arresting dark looks and his engaging wit. Let’s see if what he says holds true. Bind his glamour and send him back with only his human attributes at work. Send him to a time before she knew who he was.” She lifted her slim shoulders in a shrug and sat back in her seat, meeting Eli’s gaze. “See if she falls in love with him without the magic of his gift. If her soul recognizes him, then his life with her was never a lie.”
Bind his glamour? That meant they would bind his wings. Eli’s mouth felt suddenly dry. He’d be defenseless as a human, too, but if he could be with her it would be worth the sacrifice. He straightened his back with resolve. “I’ll do it.”
Chaz paced as he thought over what Lailah suggested. The elder never made rash judgments and wouldn’t be rushed now. The crowd surprisingly was quiet. It was as if all held their breath for the final say of his fate.
Chaz finally stood still, his gaze pinning him down with a fierce look. He had the feeling the elder would much rather kill him than deal with what he felt would be a farce. Chaz glanced at his wife, his features softening for a moment. His eyelids closed, the thick lashes were surprisingly dark against his skin when his hair on his head was a light shade of bronzed gold. When he opened his eyes again, the decision was made. His gaze narrowed in on Eli once more. “So be it.” With a wave of his hand, magic poured from his fingertips and landed on him, bathing him with warmth. The binds around his wrists vanished. Bones knitted together, bruises faded, making him whole.
Eli stood and spread his dove colored wings wide, testing them. He looked at the elder with a raised brow, confused to why the elder healed him.
“That is all the favor you shall receive,” Chaz told him. “From now on there will be no healing yourself in an instant from major injuries. You will have no powers.”
“I thought you were going to take my wings.” He probably shouldn’t have pointed out that fact, but his tongue obviously didn’t know when to keep quiet.
Chaz’s lips curved, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes. “Oh but I am. Remove your shirt so I may see your wings where they’re attached to your flesh. There can be no human concealments for the binding ritual.”
Eli swallowed the lump in the back of his throat and did as he was told. He dropped his T-shirt at his feet and stood straight, his gaze focused in front of him. Chaz circled around him, his fingers caressing his newly healed wings. “Are you sure?” He stood close and his words only reached his ears, giving him one last chance to change his mind.
He found happiness in Ryden’s arms and he knew he gave her joy, too. For him there was no choice but to accept the challenge the elders put before him. He nodded. “Yes, I am sure.”
Chaz sighed and shook his head. “So be it then.” He stepped behind him and the ancient words left his lips to the rhythm of a Gregorian chant.
Blinding pain exploded from Eli’s shoulder blades, sweeping down to his lower back and nausea rose in his throat, threatening to choke him. Staggering, he went down, falling to his knees with his hands on the floor bracing him. Oh God, he was going to die. His wings were melting into his skin and the burning flesh hit his nostrils with the sickening scent. He lifted his head to the heavens and let out a deep guttural cry for mercy.

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