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Celebrate Halloween With Our New Releases

Please join us to celebrate the official release of our latest anthologies.
Two random commenters will each win a copy of their choice of ebook from the Halloween Anthologies. Drawing to be held October 8th. Please include your email address if you comment as anonymous. 

A Halloween Collection Anthology: Sweet

$3.99 e-book at Amazon
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$9.49 in print at Amazon

And Createspace

~ Sweet stories to satisfy your romantic cravings ~

Go On Without Me by Markee Anderson

Lydia Sanders is spending a lonely Halloween until Ian shows up to make sure she’s not depressed. They go for a drive then the car dies in the middle of nowhere in the rain. They have no cell phone reception. Their only hope is an old house within walking distance and the two eerie people inside. At midnight? On Halloween?

Honor Café by Charlotte Raby

Adrianne is satisfied running her cafe for the homeless and believes her life is complete, until she falls in love with a debonair stranger who wants his meals after hours and in the dark. She must find out what he's hiding and if their love is true or cursed.

Halloween Witness by Rita Hestand

When the local town drunk sees a murder committed on Boot Hill on Halloween night, will anyone pay any attention to his story? Sheriff Joe Grubbs, though skeptical, investigates and finds the new grave. Now, he has a job to do and risks losing the love of his life. It's a harrowing Halloween night in Haleyville, Texas.

The Memory Charmer and the Boy Next Door by Christine E. Schulze

Imprisoned in a basement, at the mercies of an oddly powerful incubus, Elissa tries to escape many times. But the giant tarantula guards his master’s toy well. Then a glimmer of hope appears. A boy moves in next door who knows things—secrets from the very heavens. Can he help her escape? Or will the incubus destroy him?

I Love Pie by Kate Kindle

Tony Gullo, a burnt-out-on-life New Yorker, takes an unexpected trip to the country with a friend. On the side of the road he sees a haunting sight. A beautiful woman stands poised on the roadside, seemingly in a trance. When the men stop to offer assistance, she flees into the woods. How will he ever find this beautiful creature, if she really exists?

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A Halloween Collection Anthology: Stimulating

$3.99 e-book at Amazon
And Smashwords

$9.49 in print at Amazon

And Createspace

~ Stimulating stories to satisfy your romantic cravings ~

The Curse of Tempest Gate by Karen Michelle Nutt

Clarity Shaw, a reporter for Unbelievable Finds, seeks answers concerning the curse of Tempest Gate Cemetery, but she finds out more than she bargains for when she sits in the devil's chair. Two entities need her for their own personal reasons, but only one will demand her heart.

Always and Forever by Cheryl Pierson

At a children's Halloween carnival, a Gypsy fortuneteller predicts a new love for both Cindy and Gage. When the two meet over a poorly carved pumpkin, love flickers to life and the stars begin to align. After all, Gage has been burned before and Cindy doesn't believe in fortunes or second chances. Can the star-crossed pair put their faith in the love that was foretold?

Conceived in Darkness by Laura Shinn

Orekon, a desperate Astovian prince, has three days to find a mate, become mated to her, and return to his world. Kathryn Schaffer is from Earth, a mild woman who plays in the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. The attraction for Orekon is immediate, but Kathryn is kept in the dark, literally. She must trust her instincts and feelings to make the most important decision of her life. Will she trust a complete stranger, even though her heart sings when she's in his arms?

A Haunting Love by Rebecca J. Vickery

Trudy decides she must have lost her mind by agreeing to house-sit a huge old Victorian during Halloween week. Lights switching on and odd noises lead to her meeting a certain, handsome police officer. The scare is almost worth a chance at love—until the ghost takes over on All Hallow's Eve.

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  1. Thank you for posting this, Rebecca! I'm one of the authors for the Sweet anthology, and it was a lot of fun to write. I never wrote a Halloween story before, so this was different for me.

    If you want to know more about me, go to I'll be around part of today, depending on my 'to do' list that I seem to get every morning. :)


  2. Okay, blog-challenged author here!

    Trying to slow down after rushing two kids out the the door to school. I'll be popping in and out, too!

    My paranormal story (Sweet Anthology) was my first romance with paranormal elements - but it won't be my last!

    I hope we get some readers asking some questions - like, why is food almost a character in my stories? LOL!

    I can be found at


  3. Hey Rebecca!
    WOW, I don't know how you do everything you do! This blog looks great, and thanks so much for posting this and giving us a chance to talk about our stories a little bit. I have never written a Halloween story--okay, I did write a short round robin part in a story for fanfiction--I really enjoyed that, because I didn't know what was going to happen after my part was "out there." But as for writing a story of my own, this is a first for me. Always and Forever is not a typical scary Halloween story, but it was a magical time in the lives of my characters, Cindy and Gage.

    This has been a WONDERFUL month for me--I had my ALWAYS AND FOREVER story that came out in A HALLOWEEN COLLECTION and also had my first contemporary romantic suspense novel, SWEET DANGER released too!

    I can be found at

    Thanks again for giving us the chance to talk about our stories. I loved writing ALWAYS AND FOREVER.


  4. Hi, all! I am the author of "The Memory Charmer and the Boy Next Door". This fantasy/suspense story with a twist of romance and horror is actually also an excerpt from my novel entitled "Memory Charmer". It is second in the Stregoni Sequence, following "Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress" which was recently e-published by Writers-Exchange, available on their website and Amazon as well.

    While the first book in the series involves my own spin on vampires, "Memory Charmer" explores a different kind of fantastical being under a curse which forces him to feed upon people's memories to survive.

    Well, hope you enjoy the story! I have lots of books and ebooks you can check out on sites like Amazon, Goodreads, and my personal site: http;//

    *Thanks to Jonny for helping create it!

    God bless, happy reading, and may you be both enraptured and inspired!

    Happy Halloween, all! ^_^

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. HI Everyone,
    Thanks for dropping by.
    My story is in the Stimulating version and is titled A Haunting Love. I've always been interested in legends and curses, witches and ghosts and I incorporate all of these into my contemporary romance.
    I am like a little kid at Halloween.
    If you could dress up as anything you wanted for Halloween, what would it be? I would love to be a good witch with a sparkly silver cape and a flowing white robe.

  7. Rebecca,
    Does this mean that we have to call you Glenda until Halloween is over? LOL

    I always wanted to be a witch when I was little--I mean, what else was there? Oh, an angel. Forgot that one. Now, I want to be a thin, rich, beautiful supermodel. Where can I get a costume for that? LOL


  8. We could always hide behind a cardboard figure of Bo Derek when she was a "10." LOL

  9. Since I read A Summer Collection and LOVED it, I certainly wouldn't mind winning The Halloween Collection. Congrats to all the authors, and I wish you many many sales!

  10. Dee Julian has won her choice of either of the anthologies. Congrats Dee and an email is on its way to get your preference.


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