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A Valentine Collection Anthology: Sweet


The Lace Thief by Charlotte Raby
As Aveline Halifax prepares for the Valentine's tea party to celebrate the pending sale of her family's historic home, she suddenly finds herself in the past, celebrating Valentine's Day – Victorian Style.

A Heart for a Heart by Cheryl Pierson
Kiera is excited to take Cory into her home as a foster child. When his uncle returns from military duty and claims the child belongs with family, Kiera's protective instincts take over. Can she and Sam work this out for the best, or does Cory lose one of them?

Time Dancers by Christine E. Schulze
Princess Calina is to marry but her father's choice is all wrong – old, reserved, and wrinkled. But the gift of a special mirror reveals an entire new world. Stepping into the mirror, Calina meets Aarwyn and falls in love. Should she remain with Aarwyn, or does fate have other plans?

Growing in Love by Evie Alexis
Lissandra is a romantic girl with the worst luck ever, all her Valentine's not quite working out the way she imagines them. Nor do the years make her any wiser. Will she let go of her romantic ideals and let true love run its course?

November Rose by Rob Shelsky
Rosalie's world is torn apart by a WWII bombing raid in London. Hospitalized, perhaps blind, she is terrified until a mysterious stranger appears—changing her world forever.

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