Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Matter of Tea and Earthquake Relief

Charles T. Whipple, who writes Westerns as Chuck Tyrell, is a special sort of person. Japan is his second home as his wife is Japanese and his company is there. When he approached me about publishing a book with the intention of using the royalties for Japanese aid after the recent devastation there, I couldn't say no. Japan was one of the first countries to come to our aid after Hurricane Katrina. Over the years, during earthquakes and floods, their well-trained search & rescue and extraction teams have been on the scenes for as long as they were needed. But, beyond all that, it seemed the "right" thing to do. 

This book is the result of Charlie's request and I hope you will consider purchasing it, not only for the wonderful Japanese stories he has included (and several Bonus Sections), but also to help his "adopted" people. At only 99 cents for the ebook or $8.95 for the print, how can you go wrong?  
"Help us help them" is Charlie's current battle cry and I hope we can help him in this endeavor.

Please pass the word and feel free to copy any part of this blog post to share with your groups and friends.

In A Matter of Tea, his lady demands a special tea bowl from the kamamoto, or he will forfeit his family, his standing, and his kiln. Dare he use the secret clay recipe of his ancestors?

The other stories of Japanese legend and culture are The Dragon of Torigoe, The Floating World, Kamo Ike, From Chojagasaki Bay, and Masakado's Revenge.
(Special Bonus Sections are included at the end.)

"Delicate as bisque china, dangerous as a snake den, Charles T. Whipple's writing resonates across the seven seas. Tales of sacrifice and honor that flick at the heart and encircle the soul." – Marsha Ward, author of The Owen Family Saga, The Man from Shenandoah, Ride to Raton, Trail of Storms

"Charles T. Whipple is an excellent writer, and the stories in this volume are finely-crafted gems guaranteed to touch the reader." – James Reasoner, author of REDEMPTION, KANSAS

"Like the master potter in the award-winning story A Matter of Tea, Charles crafts stories that will capture your soul..." – I. J. Parnham, The Miracle of Santa Maria.

"Charles shares the soul of Japan, the fascinating history and culture, the honor and spirit of her people, and his talent as a purveyor of tales in these stories." – Rebecca J. Vickery, author of Looking Through the Mist and Surviving with Love.

"A great read is always a certain thing with Charles Whipple/Chuck Tyrell. And of course this book is doubly important because it is in aid of a worthy cause..." – Jack Martin AKA Gary Dobbs

"Charles Whipple has that enviable knack of immersing the reader in his created world, whether that's the Old West, ancient or modern Japan. His characters seem to live and breathe. Read his work - you're in for a treat." - Nik Morton, author of A Sudden Vengeance Waits and Spanish Eye

"Kamo Ike is the title of one of the stories in Charlie's Smashwords anthology. I have to admit that I was smitten by it. Definitely good stuff. But I have begun to suspect that our Charlie is a rather wicked dude." - Frank Roderus, author of Ransom and Paroled

 All royalty proceeds will be donated to assist victims

of the 2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami.

Thank you for helping us help them.

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