Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Christmas Tree and it's meaning to me...

  Christmas Tree

          Merry Christmas to Everyone!!!

It never seems appropriate to allow Christmas to go by without posting a recognition of the meaning of Christmas.
For anyone who doesn't celebrate Christmas, please bear with us and perhaps you will learn something of our customs and traditions.

First, a big Happy Birthday to Jesus...
It's our belief as Christians that Jesus came to Earth on Christmas as a babe born in a manger so He could provide the ultimate sacrifice for His people.

Over the years I've had a lot of people tell me that our tradition of placing a decorated Christmas tree in our homes, businesses, or yards has no true relationship or foundation in our Christian belief.  
To me, a Christmas tree tells the entire story of Christmas.
Following are my reasons for having a Christmas tree in my home every Christmas:

A Christmas tree begins as a seedling, a newborn sprout, and as it grows it takes shape and withstands hardships, enjoys sunshine, and provides beauty as we watch it mature. Then it pays the ultimate sacrifice, that we might find joy in bringing it into our lives for a short season. The evergreen tree also signifies man's everlasting hope in Christ. The triangular shape symbolizs the holy trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The green needles always grow upward - like hands clasped in prayer toward the Heavens.

Christmas star graphicsThe star on the top of my tree represents God's fulfillment of His promise to bring forth our Savior and the shining hope of mankind that first shone in Bethlehem, leading the three wise kings to the manger. Should you have an angel on top of your tree, the angel represents the chosen who bring messages (such as the glad tidings of the birth of Jesus) and are charged to watch over us as we go about our daily lives.

Candles or colored lights on the tree stand for Jesus Christ, who came to bring light and hope. He is the Light of the world. They are also a reminder to follow the path of light and avoid the darkness that surrounds us.

Candy canes represent the shepherd's crook, which helps the shepherd gather his lost and strayed sheep. The candy cane turned upside down, stands for the letter 'J' in Jesus, and the red and white coloring stands for Christ's blood and purity forever intertwined.

Ornaments hung upon the tree represent our need to show the world the beauty and strength we have received through Christ and a display of the responsibilities we must carry through our Earthly bound life -- responsibilities we will shed when we pass unto Eternal Life.

Gifts placed beneath the Christmas tree remind us of how we have received the greatest gift on earth. They also represent the gifts brought to a babe by the Wise Men. Following their custom, we give gifts at Christmas and in doing so we share our love and bring joy to our own hearts in the selfless giving to others.

Red bows stands for the blood of Christ and for the fire of the Spirit within us which enables us to do His works and share His love and message with others.

 Christmas wreaths represent the unceasing love of the Father. His true love has no beginning or end, is never-ending and unconditional.

Winter Love
Green stands for nature and our life on earth. We are challenged to adapt to the world around us, to stand strong as a growing evergreen, and grow in the Spirit as we struggle to survive and go through emotional and physical hardships. Also there is nowhere else that makes God's love and power so evident to His people than when we look at nature -- from a tall green tree to a sweet cuddly bunny to lightning streaking across the midnight sky.

Placing my tree in front of a window or in my yard 
is my way of shouting to the world:
Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday to Jesus, and this house is one filled with love, tradition, and caring for all mankind.

May love, hope, health, happiness, and joy fill your lives,
now and in the coming year.

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