Monday, March 12, 2012

HUGE Spring Sale - Discounted Titles

These titles NOW available at discounted prices.  
No coupon or code necessary for a limited time.
Links to Smashwords and Amazon are included, 
but they are available at most online retailers. 

Western Trail Blazer

Santa Fe mi casa by Harlan Hague (temporarily reduced from $3.99) 99 Cents

Big Enough by Chuck Tyrell $2.99

Hard Trail to Socorro by Wayne Dundee $2.99

Then Why Not Everyman? by Kit Prate $2.99

Time Plains Drifter by Cheryl Pierson (temporarily reduced from $3.99) $2.99

Harmonica Joe's Reluctant Bride by Sarah J. McNeal (temporarily reduced from $3.99) $2.99

Bad Wind Blowing by Peter Brandvold (temporarily reduced from $4.99) $2.99

 Publishing by Rebecca J. Vickery

To Kill My Love by Lee Baldwin (temporarily reduced from $4.99) $2.99

First Love, Lost Love by Jory Sherman (temporarily reduced from $2.99) $1.99

The Violin by Sarah J. McNeal $2.99

The Grand Experiment by John Duncklee $2.99

The Trials of Lawyer Pratt by Bert Goolsby (reduced from $3.99) $2.99

Eli: Warriors for the Light by Karen Michelle Nutt (reduced from $3.99) $2.99 

Seeking Shelter by Rebecca J. Vickery (reduced from $3.99) $2.99

Please continue to check out all the Dime Novels and 99 Cent Gallery offerings from our talented authors.

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