Monday, March 5, 2012


Smashwords annual participation has begun. 
Hurry and get your bargains -- Ends March 10th

The authors of Publishing by Rebecca J. Vickery and Western Trail Blazer have offered the following variety of shorts and novels for this promotion:

Various Genres from PbRJV

Lucca: Warriors for the Light by Karen Michelle Nutt

To Make the Magic Last by Cheryl Pierson

A Distant Call by Gerald Costlow

Dad's Favorite Holiday by Rebecca J. Vickery

The Good News by Linda Swift

Over the Coals by Laurean Brooks

Exchange by Rachel Rossano

The Misplaced Sapling by Lee Baldwin

Your Place or Mine by D. S. Craver
I Love God's Animals (for children) by Rebecca J. Vickery

Westerns from WTB

Big Enough by Chuck Tyrell

Then Why Not Everyman? by Kit Prate

The Downfall of Ross Dent by Lee Aaron Wilson

The Blackwell Claim by Troy D. Smith

These authors hope you enjoy the reading and would 
appreciate reviews and comments about their work.

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