Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Anne Patrick announces FIRE CREEK

Award winning author Anne Patrick announces the upcoming release of the first book in her new series:  Fire Creek  K. T. Randal: Book One presented by Desert Breeze Publishing
Kasey Montgomery has returned to her hometown of Fire Creek Montana after the apparent suicide of her cousin. Within days of Beth's funeral, Kasey begins to find inconsistencies in her death. The local sheriff is quick to dismiss the allegations as figments of a writer's imagination. Kasey is determined to prove otherwise. Does the bronzed skinned stranger from Beth's funeral hold the answers?

Local park ranger, Jimmy Little Raven suspects foul play too. Beth was engaged to his best friend who died months earlier from a mysterious accident.  Risking his heart and his job, he teams up with the famous mystery writer to find the answers to both deaths. 
Available July 1st at:
You can also purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and most online bookstores.

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