Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Preditor & Editor Reader Poll

It's that time of year for readers to vote for publishers, authors, books and stories, editors, and cover artists in a variety of genres. Folks in the writing business (whether traditionally or independently published, or behind the scenes) work hard to provide quality affordable books and stories for the readers of the world.   

Please support your favorites by voting! 
Voting ends at midnight MST on January 14th

Here are the simple steps in case you have not voted before:
Go to
Preditors & Editors
Scroll down past the ads.
Choose and click on a category.
Scroll down past the ads.
Select one entry and click on the circle before it to vote OR scroll to the bottom and type in your entry if not already in the listings.
Be sure to continue down the page to enter your name and email address plus complete the anti-SPAM captcha (giving the author's name from a book pictured was mine)
You MUST verify your entry by responding to the email which will be sent to your email address you provided for your vote to count.
(In previous years P and E had vote stuffing and hacking problems which this is intended to circumvent)
Only one vote counts per category. 
*NOTE* You may change your vote by simply voting again in the same category -- only your last verified vote as of the 14th counts.

Current Voting Standings may be found at this link:

Entries from the imprints of Publishing by Rebecca J. Vickery, Western Trail Blazer, and Victory Tales Press include:

Best Publisher Category:
Victory Tales Press  
Western Trail Blazer 

Best Novel Category:
Horror - Revenge by Adrian Scott (mistakenly under Romance, but please vote under Horror)

Romance - Twin Rivers by John D. Nesbitt

YA - Twilight's Eternal Embrace by Karen Michelle Nutt

YA - The HalfBreed Gunslinger by Bret Lee Hart (mistakenly as Gunfighter also, but please vote under the correct Gunslinger) 

Sci Fi-Fantasy - The Devil's Galley by Michelle Rodriguez   

All Other - Night Spoor by Wayne D. Dundee

Short Story Categories:
Horror - Nathan the Buttercups are Blooming by Linda Swift

Romance - Heartsong by Sarah J. McNeal

Romance - Journey of the Heart by Stephanie Burkhart

Romance - Kat and the US Marshal by Celia Yeary

Romance - A Decision of Trust by Laurean Brooks

All Others - Kane's Redemption by Cheryl Pierson

All Others - Bowen & Baile Book 1 by Frank Roderus

Best Anthologies:
2012 Christmas Collection - VTP Authors

A Medley of Inspirational Romance by Laurean Brooks 

Best E-cover - Texas Promise Cover by Miss Mae

Best E-Cover - The HalfBreed Gunslinger Cover by Karlee Dawn & Laura Shinn  

Best Ever Poll - must vote numerically (1 = worst  10 = best)
Romance - Surviving With Love by Rebecca J. Vickery  
Our Authors who also have entries from other publishers:
Romance - Paula Martin - Her Only Option
Romance - Stephanie Burkhart - Twilight Over Moldavia
Sci Fi/Fantasy - Karen M. Nutt - Magic of the Loch
SteamPunk - Stephanie Burkhart - A Gentleman and a Rogue
Children's - Stephanie Burkhart - First Flag of New Hampshire
All Others - Diane Craver - A Joyful Break

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