Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy EASTER and a Joyful SPRING!


When I see the beautiful buds and blossoms of certain flowers begin to appear, I know Easter and Spring can't be far behind. The herald of new beginnings, rebirth, and perhaps even a touch of Spring Fever are in the air. The Holiday Spot has shared some interesting facts about the flowers of Easter and I wanted to share them with all of you.


LilyA popular symbol of the Easter festival, the white lily is held as the traditional Easter Flower and represents love and hope. The single flower stem originating from a bulb represents the resurrection of Christ three days after his apparent death by crucifixion. Legend has it that white lilies were grown at the place where drops of blood fell from Jesus Christ's body. Some Catholic nations regard white lilies as the symbol of the purity and divinity of Jesus Christ and dedicate them to his mother, Virgin Mary. This is the reason why churches are decorated with white lilies during Easter.

Gifting white lilies to someone during this time indicates that you are very happy to be acquainted with the recipient. Giving yellow lilies to a person represents your request or advice to him/her to "live for the moment".


DaisyThe lovely daisies, much like white lilies, have a special significance for Easter celebrations. The sweet-smelling daisies symbolize purity and placidness - two qualities highlighted by the spirit of the occasion.


A beautiful spring flower, the azalea is famous for its elegant color and appearance and forms a symbol of different emotions like temperance and passion. Gifting it to someone on Easter indicates you want the recipient to take good care of himself/herself for your sake


The daffodil is regarded as one of the most popular Easter flowers and has a romantic connection. Gifting a bunch of daffodils mean you hold that person as the only true love in your life and regard him/her highly. It can also indicate your unrequited love for that person. In another way it can simply indicate your respect for the person and that you feel very happy to be with him/her.



Generally, all flowers of this variety are said to be the symbols of cheerfulness except the yellow one which represents slighted love. The chrysanthemum as an Easter gift indicates that the recipient is precious for you and you wish him/her greater happiness in life. A white chrysanthemum represents truthfulness. 


TulipsThe beautiful tulip flower is considered to be a messenger of passion and love. A favorite Easter flower for lovers, it is used to convey the feelings of the heart to a special someone. While the red tulip proclaims "I Love You", tulips of any color mean "Our Love Is Perfect". A varicolored assortment of tulips, generally given to a female lover, means "Your eyes are beautiful". Giving a yellow tulip to someone means you are "hopelessly in love" with that person.    


Famous for its sweet fragrance, the hyacinth in general stands for "comeliness". However, different colors of the flower have different implications. A purple hyacinth means "please forgive me" while a white one symbolizes the recipient is lovely or that you will pray for that person; a yellow hyacinth indicates jealousy whereas a pink or red hyacinth says "Let's play!". 

Please leave a comment and tell us about your favorite Easter or Spring flowers.

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  1. Rebecca--the wonderful thing to me in the Spring is the light green of new growth. Later in the summer, everything turns darker green. But this new life, this beautiful, almost neon green is very uplifting. I look forward to that in the spring.
    Flowers--oh, yes. In Texas, we watch for bluebonnets, the herald to spring, and its faithful companion, the Indian Pair Brush.
    Unfortunately, we don't always get the rain in the winter and the cold temperaturs to create oceans of bluebonnets. This year, they are scarce, I'm sad to say.
    Happy Spring, and Easter, too. Celia

  2. Daffadils are my favorite--and the flower for March in which I was born. I so enjoyed reading the different meanings and now I'm thinking I want to use them in a story somehow.
    Oh, Celia, when I moved to Texas right ater I got married, it was in April and I remember carpets of bluebells greeting us. I thought they were beautiful. I wish I had put some in my flower press to keep for always.
    Wonderful blog, Rebecca.

  3. Rebecca,

    I always enjoy learning tidbits of trivia. Thank you for sharing.

    It seems the daffodils have bloomed longer this year. The first ones I saw were in my yard the last of January, and still a few remain. But, I still see huge clusters of them everywhere.

  4. Rebecca, I so enjoyed this information about all the different flowers. However I won't chose flowers to give anyone based on the meanings. I choose flowers based on color depending usually on the season as well. My favorite is the daffodils, March flowers, buttercups, jonquils, call them what you will. I think of them as a symbol of spring.


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