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Adrian Scott and the Society of Vampires

The 'Society of Vampires' Series:

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This series started out as just one novel: 'A Vampire's Tale.' I wanted to tell the story of how an ordinary man becomes a vampire, and wanted to tell it from his own perspective, so I wrote it in the first person. While writing it, I realized it would make a good series, and as I enjoy writing novels in series, I created the Society of Vampires, an organization based in Paris, France, in the 1840's, and headed by a vampire who was fourteen centuries old and had been the right-hand man of Attila the Hun.

To give vampires a more 'human,' less-villainous nature, I added a small daughter and then gave Lord Tarkus, the superior vampire, a grandfatherly aspect. Then I brought in the werewolves as the villains of the series, and again to give the series a more human feel, created the Romany (gypsy) people as the keepers of the secrets of combatting werewolves, which made them allies of the vampires.

This idea came from an old 1941 movie I saw many years ago entitled 'Wolfman' (I think), starring Lon Chaney. During the movie an old gypsy woman reveals that her own son had become a werewolf, and had to be killed as there was no cure. She recited a poem I believe was created for the movie that went: 

"Even a man who is pure of heart and says his prayers at night 
May become a wolf when the wolf-bane blooms and the autumn moon is bright."
That rhyme stuck in my mind all these years, and it was the reason I made the werewolves the villains; also, when you think about it, the vampire kills because he has to in order to live; on the other hand, the werewolf kills because he enjoys killing - he's a maddened, ravening beast.
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Then I had to figure out a way the vampires could kill to feed, yet still have a kindly (if one can use that word) aspect; so I came up with the idea of them only killing those who were a drain on society: the drunken wife-beaters, those who were old and would die of disease very shortly, those who had nothing more to live for.
That, basically, is the plot running through the eight 'Society of Vampires' novels I've written, followed by the five 'Nosferatu Australis' books (in which I moved the central characters to Australia), and the three 'Tarkusian Chronicles,' which detail Lord Tarkus' life, first as a mortal then as a vampire, from about 400AD to 1840. And that, in a rather large nutshell, is the series.

The 'Nosferatu Australis' series is still open-ended, so I can add more novels to them if they prove popular enough; and I have one volume of the 'Tarkusian Chronicles' to write to complete Lord Tarkus' life. Whether I write the fourth volume of the 'Chronicles' and whether I add to the 'Nosferatu Australis' series, my friends, is up to you: you may grow tired of my protagonist, Lord Tarkus, and the rest of the bunch, in which case I'll end the whole thing off. Or you may want more, in which case, there will be more to write.                          Adrian Scott

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