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Dave P. Fisher ~ A Western Story Teller

I write western novels and short stories, along with non-fiction outdoor articles. As a life-time westerner, from a pioneering ancestry, I’ve got a pretty good idea what the West is all about. I’ve been a working cowboy, horsepacker, rodeo rider, and hunting guide. My adventures have led me to several years in the Alaska bush where life today remains much the same as in the 1800’s West. I’ve worked outfits in Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado. At varying times I have called Oregon, Colorado, California, and Nevada home. We finally decided to put down roots in Washington because the outdoor activities are endless.

As a western story teller I draw on my personal experience to relate to the reader the realism of how a horse moves and behaves, or how a bronc feels when he bucks. I know what the wind sounds like in the aspens or how the high desert smells and feels. What a .44 feels like when it’s fired, or the weight of it on my hip. I know what western men and women are really like, how they think and what makes them tick. For instance, western women were and are strong and capable, you won’t find weak female characters in my stories. 

Tombstone, Arizona

I have walked the boardwalks of Virginia City and Tombstone. Stood on the tracks running through Dodge City where the original town stood. 
St. James Hotel, Cimarron, NM

I’ve sat in the lobby of the St. James Hotel, in Cimarron, and examined the bullet holes put in the bar ceiling by Clay Allison. 

I’ve rounded up horses at Fort Laramie where Cavalry patrols once rode, and listened to the wind on Massacre Hill at the Little Big Horn. These are just a few of the places, there have been many more. On top of this I never stop researching and studying the era. Is all this important? Absolutely, if one intends to be a believable western story teller.

I have had over 400 works published, (I kind of lost track after that). I presently have eight western novels out, plus three other western related books. 50 short stories published in a variety of publications, eight have garnered Reader’s Choice Awards. A short story collection Bronc Buster – Short Stories of the American West won the Will Rogers Medallion Award for Western Fiction. My short stories have been included in 15 anthologies including the first two issues of La Frontera’s “The American West” series.
My four novels of The Poudre Canyon Saga series (there will be five) beginning with Where Free Men Gather has proven to be very popular. I recently signed on with 5 Star with the first novel Jury of Six due out the first of 2014. My second novel with them is in my editor’s queue.

Now available at Amazon for $3.99 in digital edition and $14.99 in print.

Claude LeSueur hurled his final insult in the face of Jean Pelletier igniting the young trapper's white hot temper. A flash of fury and a naked blade left the son of wealthy fur merchant Maurice LeSueur gasping out his last breath on the banks of the St. Lawrence. Jean, together with his brother Andre, flee Canada and the hangman's gallows, while behind them follow two murderous river pirates, Joseph Quesnel and his silent partner known only as 'the wolverine.' 


Over on the funny side of the coin are the Jack and Cleve stories set on their Winnemucca Plenty o’ Rocks ranch. This a collection of stories about the misadventures of two contemporary ranchers, and their assortment of neighbors and pals, all based on people I have worked with, known, and tried not to know in my own adventures. All this is featured in The Auction Horse published by Western Trail Blazer.

Available in ebook for 99 cents each and both volumes in one print paperback for $8.95 at Amazon and other online book retailers.


I also spent several years as a cowboy poet and humorist performing on stages throughout the west. As a result there is a collection of cowboy poetry They Still Do That along with an accompanying CD. A second CD, Snake Bit is a collection of humorous ballad poems set to sound and music.

Also available through and other online retailers.

My novels, books, and CD’s, plus a lot of other interesting things, can be found on my website

Leave a comment for a chance to win a free ebook of The Auction Horse and be introduced to Jack and Cleve ~ as well as Dave's western sense of humor ~

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