Saturday, May 25, 2013


[Thank you to Billy Ray and Tobias Fornell for the use of this video for our blog.]

We would like to honor our military men and women, our fallen soldiers, and our veterans.
Please join us in listing the name or names of someone you want to have remembered on this special day in our comment section.

Thank you for your service in the name of freedom!


  1. In special appreciation of family members who served:
    Henry J Stephens ~ Army Infantry ~ WWI
    Thomas Stephens ~ WWII
    Hoyt H Stephens ~ Naval Medic ~ WWII
    Fred Stephens ~ Navy-Guam ~ WWII
    Edwin Segars ~ Marine Paratrooper ~ WWII
    Ronald Rumsey ~ Navy ~ Vietnam
    Nathaniel Rumsey ~ Air Force ~ Vietnam
    James Rumsey ~ Army ~ Vietnam
    Alan Stephens ~ Vietnam

  2. I'd like to remember my dad and his service to our country during the Korean Conflict in 1951. He was a peaceful man and didn't want to fight or draw a gun, so he enlisted in the Army as a part of the M.A.S.H. unit. He was a medic and was on the front lines, bringing home fallen soldiers, wounded and the dead. I'm so proud of him and what he did for our country during that time.

    To my father, Charles A. Hedrick, Jr., I'm so proud to call myself your daughter.

    Laura Shinn


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