Thursday, May 2, 2013

May is LUPUS Awareness Month

Ten important facts you may or may not know about Lupus:

1. There is no known cause and no known cure for Lupus.
2. Lupus is very difficult to diagnose and there is no ONE test which will give this specific diagnosis.
3. Many physicians and their staffs are uninformed as to symptoms, diagnosis, or treatment of Lupus.
3. Lupus now affects 1.5 million Americans.
4. Living with Lupus is often compared to having a recurring flu during a flare and a mild cold at other times, but it is always with the patient.
5. Lupus patients may not look sick at all, or they may suffer from skin rashes (particularly across the face, neck, and chest), severe puffiness and swelling, visible and audible shortness of breath, and stiff hesitant movements.
6. Lupus patients often suffer with severe fatigue, unexplained fevers, muscle and joint pains, hair loss, rashes, confusion and forgetfulness (called Lupus Fog), seizures, kidney failure, strokes, and heart and lung problems (particularly pericarditis or pleurisy).   
7. Depression and feelings of guilt are often prominent in Lupus patients due to required lifestyle changes and limitations as well as reactions to medications.
8. Lupus is a non-transmittable disease, although birth children may inherit the tendencies to develop the disease.
9. The current treatments for Lupus are anti-malaria drugs, steroids, or chemotherapy -- or the treatment of each symptom as it occurs, avoidance of ultra-violet light, less stress, and extra rest.
    10. With research and medical advancements, the life expectancy of someone diagnosed early with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus has increased from 3 years to an almost normal lifetime.

         PLEASE Become a
Put Social Media to Work for Lupus Awareness!
Display lupus awareness through your profile and timelines pictures!
Tell your friends on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) that May is Lupus Awareness Month and why lupus is a cruel mystery to you. Change your profile icon and timeline photo to a Lupus Awareness Month logo or banner. To download: select your favorite icon from the stock of images then right click and choose “Save Image as”. Don't forget the hashtags #lupus, #putonpurple, and #cruelmystery.

For more information on Lupus please visit any of these sites:

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  1. Rebecca,
    Awareness is what needs to happen with this disease! Thanks for this post. I don't have Lupus, but do suffer from other autoimmune diseases.I think of you so often and wonder how in the world you manage to do all you do while you are feeling so awful.You have got a lot of grit, girl! I have three friends who suffer from this disease. Here's to finding a cure for Lupus and helping everyone who has it to getting back to normal again.
    Hugs to you, dear friend!

  2. All of these ten signs are awful, but to constantly feel as though you have a flu, or a mild cold, must be a nightmare. No one enjoys a cold and we're always so glad to get over it. But to know you will feel that way all the time -- ! I think I'd live in constant depression.

    Thanks for posting this. Everyone needs to become more aware!

  3. Rebecca, you are a trouper. I thank God for you for the blessing you are to me and so many others. And for the strength He gives you daily.

    I didn't realize how many parts of the body were affected by Lupus. Like Cheryl said you have "grit." Your middle initial should be G.

    I'm praying for you. I'll share the verse that is dear to me, the one I have taped to my monitor.

    "The Lord will perfect that which concerns me; Your mercy and loving kindness, O Lord endure forever; forsake not the works of Your own hands." Psalms 138:8


  4. So sorry you have to deal with Lupus each day. You are a wonderful spokes person for this awful disease and know others suffering with it will benefit from you educating everyone you come in contact with about Lupus.

  5. What a terrible disease to deal with. This post is great for those who know nothing about the disease, and I'll make sure to tweet this. :)

  6. As busy as you are, Rebecca, I didn't realize you live with Lupus. It's a terribly debilitating disease, and the worst part is that a lot of folks don't even consider Lupus a serious threat to health and happiness because the disease is so ill-defined and -understood. Bless you for being such an inspiration. :-)

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