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CHRISTMAS in JULY July 24 - July 31

Once a year is not enough for Christmas and Winter Holiday decorations, movies, books and stories. Please join our authors as we post our Holiday book titles, share recipes & decorating, and discuss movies.

Maybe the fire is a bit much for our snow-people, but we want to get everyone in the mood for our Holiday books! 

And what would Christmas or the Holidays be without gifts?  Here are some presents we hope you will enjoy.
Click on the link beside the titles you want and grab a free read from our authors. 

Christmas Dessert Decadence (recipes): Smashwords 
Give it All You've Got by Linda Swift: PublishingbyRJV 
The Cattlemen's Ball  by Celia Yeary: PublishingbyRJV
Last Assignment by Les Williams: PublishingbyRJV
Death at the Whistling Swan by John D. Nesbitt: PublishingbyRJV
O'Halloran's Hell by Adrian Scott: PublishingbyRJV 
Deirdre by Miriam Newman: Smashwords 
The Trouble With Fishing by Rebecca J. Vickery:
Smashwords Use Coupon Code: JD93E

New Additions to Gifts:
The Twelve Days of Christmas by Linda Swift: 
Smashwords Use Coupon Code: XU33S [Sat & Sun only]
Let Nothing You Dismay by Linda Swift
Smashwords Use Coupon Code: BD95D [Mon & Tue only]

Please be sure to check within the comments as authors and followers will be adding links to other freebies, participating blogs, and fun links as well. Tell all your friends (and enemies too)! Beat the heat and think "Christmas in July"! 


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  2. Add another book to your stocking! MISTLETOE, STAKES, and YULETIDE CHEER is Free on July 24th and July 25th only. So don't miss out!!

    Amazon Kindle

    What’s a hunter to do when she’s fallen for the vampire she’s been sent to stake? Cassandra Hayes has been dating Tremayne Graystone, the vampire she’s been sent to eliminate.

    To stake or not to stake is the least of their problems when masked men kidnap them and hold them hostage. They realize all they want for Christmas is a chance to make their relationship work. Kisses under the mistletoe may not make this holiday merry, but they’re willing to give it a shot.

  3. What a wonderful bunch of free books.
    My story, GIFTS FROM THE AFTERLIFE, was published in the 2011 Christmas Anthology and came out as a single in 2012. I'm sorry it's not on the list of freebees. It only costs 99 cents.
    How dark must it get before Lydia sees the light?
    Lydia Sinclair’s life has run off the rails. She has lost everyone she loves and Christmas has lost its meaning. As Christmas approaches, Lydia wants to go to sleep and never wake up again. Perhaps an angel, some ghosts and a childhood sweetheart can convince her that life is worth living again. Can Lydia let go of what once was, renew her joy in Christmas and find the promise of hope for her future?
    Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/245342

    Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009VLI3CG

    I feel cooler just talking about Christmas and I can tell you right now, I'm taking advantage of these free books. I liketh the dessert book and Karen McNutt's stories are wonderful.
    Merry Christmas with watermelon y'all!

  4. Christmas in July is a bunch of fun!! Looking forward to seeing all the cool covers and blurbs.

    1. Oh, sorry! I meant to share this book trailer for Christmas in Bayeux.

    2. Steph, I've tried several times to view your video and it won't work for me. Anyone else having this problem or just me? Thought you'd want to know.

    3. Grr... Linda, if you can always go to you tube search "Christmas in Bayeux" and you'll find it. I'll try to get a link that works up here. My blog has it at: http://sgcardin.blogspot.com


    4. This link worked, Rebecca. Lovely video, Steph. Very well done. And I'm sure the story is well done, too.

  5. I wish you all an early Merry Christmas! And here in sunny, hot, humid Gulf Coast Florida it is NOT beginning to look a lot like Christmas. But the Christmas spirit can prevail in our hearts in any season. And a good read with snow and mistletoe and holiday activities including plenty of romance may be just the thing to take your mind off soaring tempts. No, wait, romance may raise the heat level even more. Oh, well, it will be worth it to lose yourself in the season's warmth. Here are two books that I hope you'll check out during our Christmas in July event this week.

  6. Here are links to see videos of both my holiday books. Plase take a minute to watch and get into the holiday spirit! Thanks.

  7. Our retro-TV channel has been showing their Christmas in July classics. I can't believe how long ago some of these were made. I saw several episodes which had those aluminum trees; the ones that used the rotating colored disc with the light shining through to change the colors. LOL Some of the more traditional decorations in the old shows were gorgeous. With greenery and ribbons and a real tree. I even saw an episode of "Leave it to Beaver" that had the old bubble lights. Anyone else remember those?

  8. Rebecca, I always wanted one of those aluminum trees with the color wheel! Our neighbors across the street had one and I loved to look out our front window into theirs and watch it. My sister had bubble lights for her tree several years back, and I just loved those. I wanted some for our tree, but at the time, they were just too expensive. I still have many of the old decorations that we used on our family tree as I was growing up.

    Speaking of trees...THE WISHING TREE is now live on Amazon, as is THE GUNFIGHTER'S GIRL. Here's the link to my author page! Right now they're both only .99! https://www.amazon.com/author/cherylpierson

  9. This morning Rebecca found the time to help me set up my just released for Christmas in Summer short, "Family Heirloom" with the free promotion through Amazon.com's KDP program. Between 27 and 31 July this story will be free from that venue. If you want to read a paranormal sweet romance, give it a shot. I'll repost to remind everyone on 27 July.


  10. Rebecca,
    I remember those baubles. :)

  11. Christmas in July Continues at Karen's Shenanigans...

    Did you know billions of people celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday, but even those who do not celebrate know about the traditions associated with the celebration? Some of the traditions date back centuries... Karen's Shenanigans.

  12. I love bubble lights. They are so animated. I could watch them all day. I even have a set of miniature bubble lights and I've never been able to find another set of them so I keep patching up the ones I have. They look a little tattered, but I don't care. I love them.
    Christmas always brings to mind and heart those who are no longer with me like my parents and oldest sister. I had them in mind when I wrote Gifts From the Afterlife. It's a short story for $o.99 at Smashwords:
    the blurb:
    Lydia Sinclair's life has run off the rails. She has lost everyone she loves and the holidays have lost their meaning. As Christmas approaches, Lydia wants to go to sleep and never wake up again.

    Perhaps an angel, some ghosts, and a childhood sweetheart can convince her that life is worth living again.

    Can Lydia let go of what once was, renew her joy in life, and find the promise of hope for her future?

  13. New addition to our gift list. If you enjoy Westerns, please grab this free novel by author David Althouse. From now thru July 31st "Hawk Eyes" is FREE at Smashwords if you use this coupon code: VY86Y
    Go to https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/85592 and during checkout simply enter the code. Your download in a variety of formats should be available immediately.

  14. Sheriff Jace Kelly is determined to steal her heart. WANTED by KAREN MICHELLE NUTT Use this Coupon Code: DM84T and claim your FREE READ! Are you stuffing those Christmas stockings?

  15. Another present from Stephanie Burkhart: Gifts is FREE at Amazon at
    Drop by and grab your copy!

  16. A gift added to our list from author Sarah J. McNeal: "Gifts From the Afterlife". To get your free download go to https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/245342 and use coupon code HF87W during checkout. We are giving away some reads, everyone. Be sure to grab yours today and tomorrow as the event ends on July 31st at midnight Pacific time.

  17. I can't believe it's the last day of our Christmas in July event. I've loved thinking about Christmas and cooler weather during this heat and humidity. Hope you have too. Be sure to grab those last minute specials and gifts from our authors. And remember, with wonderful Christmas and Holiday stories, you don't have to wait until December to enjoy the Spirit of the Season.


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