Saturday, July 18, 2015

FAN-tastic Summer Sale

SAVE $1, $2, and $3 on Select Titles 
FAN-tastic Summer Sale

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A Fan-tastic 99 cents Each!  
Arrow Through the Heart - Stephanie Burkhart
That Special Summer - Linda Swift
Take Five (Collection) - Linda Swift
Changing the Future - Paula Martin
Dream of Paris - Paula Martin
His Leading Lady - Paula Martin
The Stars at Night - Celia Yeary
The Gryphon and the Thief - Karen Michelle Nutt
Twilight's Eternal Embrace - Karen Michelle Nutt
Legends of Winatuke (box set) - Sarah J McNeal
Familiar Shadows - Bert Goolsby
Chances Are - Laura Shinn
A Court Lady - Clova Leighton
Jessie's Girl - Amanda Ashley
Abby's Bodyguard - Margaret Mayo
A Vampire's Tale - Adrian Scott
Charles - Adrian Scott
Revenge - Adrian Scott
Crazy Jack - Gerald Costlow
Case of the Missing Succubus - Gerald Costlow
Charlotte's Resurrection - Linda Swift
Becca's Paranormal Collection - Rebecca J. Vickery
Young Witchcraft - Stephanie Burkhart
Stopped Cold - Gail Pallotta
Seeking Shelter - Rebecca J. Vickery

A Fan-tastic Deal $1.99 Each!
Passion's Promise - Madeline Baker
Masquerade - Amanda Ashley
Midnight and Moonlight - Amanda Ashley
Maiden's Song - Amanda Ashley
The Grand Experiment - John Duncklee
Rachel's Retribution - Margaret Mayo
The King's Daughter - Miriam Newman
Fated to Be Yours (Anthology) - Victory Tales Press
Be My Always (Anthology) - Victory Tales Press
A Fan-tastic Sale $2.99 Each!
Tales of Western Romance - Madeline Baker
In the Shadow of the Hills - Madeline Baker
Dixie Cup Assassin - Jerry Boehner
Surviving With Love - Rebecca J. Vickery
Margo - Molly Dillon
Loving Luc - Vicki Crum

A Fan-tastic Price Just $3.99!
This Time Forever - Linda Swift 

 (Due to the various queues and restrictions of these retailers, 
we do not guarantee the sale prices at any store.) 

Stay COOL!!!

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