Thursday, November 3, 2016

Rebecca's Latest Release

~ Short Paranormal Romance ~ 
 Available now for only 99 cents at most ebook retailers

Dani Adair travels to Seattle at the request of her best friend Abby to help unravel notes from an old journal. A friend of her brother's surprises her and an unexpected adventure begins.
Break-ins, being followed, and a bit of paranormal activity expose them all to danger. 
Is there a treasure, and will they find it?

Excerpt:  Chapter One

Seattle, Washington ~ October 2015
Dani woke instantly when a heavy weight settled across her. Giving a violent shove she tried to sit up, but strong hands held her down while vice-like thighs clamped down on each side of her own. Then a strong hand covered her mouth to keep her from screaming. She couldn't see a blasted thing in the darkened room. Dani pushed away the immediate feeling of utter terror and focused on her self-defense training.
Going totally limp, she pretended to faint and waited for her attacker to loosen his grip.
"That won't work with me," a male voice whispered. "I know all the tricks."
We'll see about that. Dani made raspy, gasping noises as if she couldn't breathe. The hand covering her mouth loosened ever so slightly. Dani chomped down on the thick part of his palm just below his thumb.
The man jerked free with a harshly whispered curse and loosened his grip for one second too long.
Dani hastily pulled up one leg and hit him between the thighs. Another muttered curse told her she scored, but not as hard as she would like or he would be rolling around unable to breathe. Still, she tried to take advantage of the momentary distraction. She stiffened her body and twisted to the right to throw him off.
"Be still! You're going to make me hurt you," he growled as he lost his balance and almost fell off the bed, sliding on the satiny bedspread. He wheezed as her now free arm elbowed him sharply in the ribs. She followed with a quick, sharp blow straight up to his chin with the heel of her palm, causing him to see stars.
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