Saturday, January 7, 2017


Much of the nation is "snowed in" - free from school, out of work, and hunkering down inside to stay warm away from the elements of cold wind, ice, and snow. 

As long as there is power, we can watch TV, chat on the internet, call friends, play games, and cook large pots of soup and comfort foods. 

But when you get tired of the "idiot box", as my Grandpa called it, lose the internet and phone lines, and get bored with the games - what then?

In a bit of shameless self- promotion, might I suggest you do what I always like to do? Grab a book, a blanket, and your favorite hot beverage and snacks, and curl up for a long read... 

If you enjoy wholesome romance, adventure, suspense, and/or stories with multiple twists and characters, please try one of mine. They are available in a variety of digital formats and many are also in print and audio. 

You can find my works by typing "Rebecca J Vickery" into the search bar at any of your favorite online book retailers or please visit one of the following links:

As always, thank you so much for your continued support, 
purchases, and reviews. Stay safe, happy, and healthy...


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