Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Valentine's Day -- Featured Story

Looking for a different take on Valentine romance? 

Try this short, tragic, twisted story of Speculative Fiction...

Valentine's Day should be a time for cards, gifts, and attention from a special person. But for Rosalyn, February 14th brings only fear and anxiety. This would be her sixth year to spend the day in terror, perhaps fighting for her very life. Will she survive to live another year, or will vengeance win and decide her fate?

"Love Kills" excerpt:

She saw him for the first time.

Incredibly handsome, almost beautiful, he was tall and lean. Rosalyn thought he probably looked normal to everyone else. But he caught her immediate attention with his air of arrogance, his hunter's attitude, danger emanating from every pore. His neatly trimmed hair gleamed under the artificial lighting – a rich, mahogany brown with deep gold streaks strewn throughout and a hint of gray at the temples. With a firm upper lip and full sensuous lower one, his mouth reminded her of Elvis. His deep brown eyes were mature and knowledgeable when they met hers as he stepped into the empty space beside her. He towered over her. More than six-foot tall to her barely five-foot height.

Rosalyn felt overwhelmed. Goose bumps crawled up her arms. He held her gaze. Perspiration beaded her upper lip in spite of the early morning chill lingering in the office building. He gave her a half smile and she would swear he winked at her. Rosalyn quickly turned away, but felt forced to shift nearer to him when several passengers behind them attempted to exit at the next floor. Her elbow brushed his sleeve and tingles ran up her arm, a slight gasp escaped.

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